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Quote1 You call the park you created Seneca Gardens? I'm impressed. Most folks don't know the story of this part of town. Quote2
Ben Urich[src]

Seneca Gardens was an open green space gifted to New York by mutantkind located near Central Park in Manhattan.[1][2]


After the decision was made to recreate the X-Men, plans began for a new headquarters. The White Queen purchased a large plot of land at the southwest corner of Central Park 86th Street Transverse. Overnight, the land was cleared, Seneca Gardens was created, and The Treehouse was planted.[1]

Once opened, Seneca Gardens operated as a free, open green space that acts as a monument to mutant achievements highlighting Krakoan technology and a memorial for mutants who did not live to Krakoa.[1]

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  • Seneca Gardens is named after Seneca Village, a 19th-century 5 acres settlement of mostly free Black landowners in Manhattan. Seneca Village existed from the mid-1820s until 1857, when the land was seized by the government through eminent domain and it's residence were ordered to leave. The former homes and structures of Seneca Village were then demolished to construct Central Park.

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