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  • Psueudonic Image Projector


  • Loopner's Royals Royce

Synopsis for "Mass-Market Menace!"

The She-Hulk finds herself representing the prosecution in a case against the police officer who killed drug dealers and gave their illicit gains to the poor. Exiting the courtroom she finds herself swarmed by reporters who demand she answer their questions. Suddenly, the portion of a massive crane begins to fall from a construction site, prompting She-Hulk to leap into action to save everyone in its path. Although she makes a good catch, she is struck by two trucks that cause her to toss the crane back up. She-Hulk manages to grab it again, saving the lives of the people in the street. When people start approaching her with questions again, She-Hulk leaps into a nearby alley in order to get away. However, the idea of getting home with attracting undue attention and getting back to court within a half hour seems impossible at this point. This all changes when the chauffeur for the wealthy Lexington Looper. She offers She-Hulk a ride home, and says that her employer is seeking to hire her, however, she is under no obligation. She is given a card for Loopner and dropped off at home. Suspicious of Loopners motivations, she puts in a call to Louise Mason and asks her to look into him for her. On her way out, she is offered a ride back to the courthouse by Loopner's chauffeur once more.

Meanwhile, Loopner is watching the footage of She-Hulk's morning rescue and is convinced that she has what it takes to help him with his problem. He tells his assistant Sharyn that there is more that needs to be a more personal affair, telling her to cancel the dinner reservations and invite the She-Hulk to his home. Sharyn, suspicious that Lexington might be falling in love with the She-Hulk complies, but tearfully. In the courthouse, the defense believes that She-Hulk's morning rescue could influence the jury and asks that she be removed from the prosecution. She-Hulk is shocked to hear this and loses her temper, prompting the judge to tell them that she will call recess for the day and render a decision first thing in the morning. Back at the office of District Attorney, Blake Tower believes that this is the beginning of future problems so long as She-Hulk works for his office and he regretfully has to let her go so that no further cases can be compromised due to Jennifer's celebrity status. Before her meeting with Lexington Loopner, She-Hulk goes out for drinks with Louise Grant who has information on the man. As it turns out he is an image consultant who helped boost the careers of celebrities and politicians. It seems that everyone Loopner represented had successfully reached their goals. Since she is currently out of a job, She-Hulk decides to accept Loopner's invitation to see what sort of job he has for her.

Later that evening, Jennifer is picked up by Loopner's chauffeur and taken to his home, which turns out to be a bunch number of uptown row houses which he purchased and converted into a massive mansion on the inside, so as not to attract attention to himself. She is invited in by Sharyn, who is catty with her, but professional. She brings the She-Hulk to the dining room where Loopner is waiting for her. Loopner explains that he has made a successful career working people's images so that they can be marketed to the public, regardless of the message or their stance. He tells her that he has succeeded with this by using his patented pseudomatic imaging technology. He then tells her that a disgruntled former client has stolen this technology. To give her an example he activates his computers which projects a patriotic imagery in holograms all over the room. Then showing how he can use it to boost someone's personal image, he then activates a program that exemplifies everything good about the She-Hulk. He then tells her to imagine if his technology were to be used by a maniac, it could be used as a weapon of war.

Before he can explain who this client is, he is knocked out by flying debris. She-Hulk realizes that this is not part of the simulation and sees that a hole was blasted out of the wall. Going outside, she is assaulted by psudomatic images. When she dodges all the threats she realizes that they can't harm. That's when she is confronted by the person responsible for the attack. With costumed individual with a psudomatic image projector of his own who calls himself Psudoman.


Continuity Notes

  • All of the celebrity photos that Lousie shows She-Hulk are all fictional characters with the exception of former president Ronald Reagan and former Russian leader Nikita Khruschev. Their depictions here should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Especially since both men died in 2004 and 1971 respectively.
  • During a psuedomatic projection of She-Hulk it depicts her as a member of the Fantastic Four. She filled in for the Thing from Fantastic Four #265-301.

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