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Wolverine (Logan)
Save the explanations 'bout what I'm doin' here for later She-Hulk... An' do somethin'...
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She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)
How do you know who I am?
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Wolverine (Logan)
You're big, green and beautiful, darlin'... Who else could you be?
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Appearing in "The Fourth Wall -- and Beyond!"

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Synopsis for "The Fourth Wall -- and Beyond!"

Dr. Sanderson is talking to his students about the 4th Dimension, which he refers to as the 4th Wall. He talks about how people watch them from behind the 4th Wall. As part of their experiment, they are monitoring the She-Hulk. Jennifer is in court, representing clients who want to prove that aliens exist. Jen feels that someone is watching her; Weezi suggests that maybe it is the aliens. The courtroom is filled with reporters, who bombard Jen with questions about the case. For the most part, Jen ignores the questions, as her clients Mr. Inocenti, Doctor Osbourne and Ms. Pearlman arrive.

As the Professor and his students monitor the case, they fear that it is becoming too boring, so they decide to liven things up by using the Professor's equipment to transport an alien through time and space. Suddenly Venom appears in the courtroom and attacks She-Hulk! He ensnares her in his sticky mass, but Jen manages to free herself, ripping her clothes apart in the process. The students check the monitors, and observe that the interest of the 4th Dimension has increased considerably. Sanderson wonders whether it is a result of the popular villain, or She-Hulk's sudden lack of clothing?

She-Hulk continues to battle with the symbiote, and Weezi helps by smacking Venom over the head with a binder. Sanderson explains to his students that he snatched Venom from the middle of a fight with Spider-Man. Venom is still in a fighting frenzy, and likely doesn't care that his new enemy isn't Spider-Man. Venom suddenly notices Jennifer's green skin and is repulsed. She-Hulk takes advantage of this break in the fighting to try and interrogate him, demanding to know who sent him and why? Sanderson doesn't know if Venom can communicate or not but decides to send him back before he can tell She-Hulk anything. Venom vanishes and the judge assumes this was all some publicity stunt She-Hulk worked up. He angrily dismisses her request for a further hearing.

Sanderson explains to his students that he sent Venom back to when and where he got him from, so he'll remember what happened, but will believe it was nothing but a dream. Jen is talking with her clients about the failed case. They believe that the attack was staged by the government to prevent the secret of aliens getting out to the public. Jen disagrees. The students complain that things are getting boring, so this time Sanderson lets them choose an adversary for She-Hulk. One of the boys chooses the green Hulk, but another one disagrees and says they want the gray Hulk. Moments later, both Hulks appear on either side of Jen! She ducks, and the two Hulks begin attacking each other until the sunlight reverts gray Hulk back into Bruce Banner! She-Hulk snatches Bruce out of the Hulk's hands before he can be killed. The students realize they screwed up, and quickly send the two Hulks back where they came from.

A group of reporters rush up and start questioning She-Hulk about these attacks, but Jen has no information to give them. Then Wanda Mason arrives, flying Jen's car. Jen wonders how she managed it, and Wanda says that if a woman in their profession can't hot wire a car, what good is she? Jen, Weezi and the clients get into the car, and they fly away. In the car, Jen phones up Columbia University to talk to Brent Wilcox's replacement and consult about these weird occurrences. The new physicist is Professor Sanderson, who says he'll be delighted to help.

The students worry that if She-Hulk is coming, she'll find out what is happening. Sanderson tells them there is no reason to panic, but agrees that they aren't ready for her yet. He goes to change out of his costume and into something more appropriate. He also sends another diversion to slow down Jen... Wolverine! Wolverine materializes in mid-strike, and slashes the car! He damages the stabilizers, and the car starts flying out of control! She-Hulk grabs Wolverine before he falls off the car. Wanda manages to land the car safely on the roof of the university. As soon as Jen and Logan start to talk, he disappears.

The clients choose to stay in the car, while Jen, Weezi and Wanda go inside. While Jen is talking to Sanderson, Weezi stares at him, trying to figure out why he looks familiar. Wanda is also staring at him, finding him attractive. Sanderson agrees to try and pinpoint the source of these disturbances. Wanda gives him her number and tells her that if he discovers anything he can call her, day or night. The students are monitoring this, and think that Wanda must be nuts since she is hitting on the professor. Another student notices that Weezi looks suspicious, so they decide to create another distraction.

Spider-Man suddenly appears and webs up Weezi, Wanda, and Sanderson! Spider-Man says "Oops! You're not the Hobgoblin!" and he apologizes for the webbing, and tells them that it will dissolve in about half an hour. Jen tells Spider-Man what has been happening, and observes that a power surge registers on this equipment when it happens. Spider-Man points out that the surge is still going on, and points her in the direction of the source before the students send him back. The students worry that Sanderson is going to kill them for this screw-up. They realize that they need to find a way to distract She-Hulk until the webbing dissolves, so they come up with a big one--they summon Apocalypse's starship! Jen sees it through the window, and races back to her car! As Jen hops into her flying car, the clients decide to come along too, for the chance to encounter real aliens!


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Brent Wilcox was Professor at Empire State University, not Colombia[1].

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