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Quote1 He's got a case he says only I can handle... Since the accused happens to have been dead for the last eighty years'! Quote2
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "Who Was That Zombie I Saw You With...?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed zombie

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Synopsis for "Who Was That Zombie I Saw You With...?"

She-Hulk and Weezi are relaxing on the beach, when they are interrupted by a man with a telegraph. It is from Blake Tower, summoning them back to New York to deal with an unusual case.

When they return to New York, Tower informs them of the special circumstances. There was a murder committed by a man who has been dead for 8 years! Jen asks if there was a motive for the killing, and Tower tells her that about nine years ago, the killer was financially ruined by the victim. The killer threatened revenge...shortly before he committed suicide. Tower takes them to see the accused... who is a rotting corpse!

Next thing we see is Jen jolting awake, back in her apartment. She relaxes, and assumes that the previous scene was just a dream. Moments later the phone rings with a call from Weezi. Jen tries to tell her about her weird "dream", but Weezi assures her that it was all real. Weezi says that she has tracked down an expert for Jen to consult with. Jen wonders if it is Dr. Drumm (aka Brother Voodoo) but Weezi says it is a guy named Samuel D. Barone, who is based in New Orleans.

She-Hulk picks up Weezi and they fly to New Orleans to meet Barone. They arrive at the address and enter the building, which they are shocked to find is larger on the inside than the outside. Jen and Weezi enter an endless hallway, with many of different doors. Weezi wonders which one leads to Barone; Jen says she would bet that they all do. She opens a door, and there is Barone. He congratulates Jen on passing the first test, and introduces himself. He welcomes the ladies, and instructs his huge, out of proportion, nearly-naked servant Garth to bring chairs for them. Barone asks what brings them here, and they tell him that they are looking for his assistance with a case back in New York involving a corpse named Joe DeCosta. Barone recognizes the name, "Ah! So *that's* where he went!"

Meanwhile, in an divergent future timeline, the brutish Mahkizmo looks around at this world where men and women co-exist in perfect harmony. He is disgusted by this, since he feels that women should never be treated as equals to men. He confronts his scientist and asks if he has finished his task yet. The scientist says he has, but he tries to caution Mahkizmo about the space-time continuum. Mahkizmo brushes the old man aside, ignoring his concerns, and gloats that his master plan is about to commence!

Back in New Orleans, Barone is leading Jen and Weezi to a mausoleum to find DeCosta's tomb. Garth opens it, and inside they find the necklace of bitter herbs and chicken bones which Barone explains is used to restrain a zombie after it has been restored to "life".

Barone then tosses the necklace around She-Hulk's neck, putting her into a trance! He then orders Garth to seize Weezi. Barone comments on how he placed a secondary spell on all his zombies, which compels people who survive an encounter with them to contact him which is what drew Jen and Weezi to him before they could disrupt his plan. Barone then strips off his suit to reveal his costume underneath… he is the Black Talon!

That night, Black Talon has She-Hulk help in the final stages of his scheme. Over the last several months, he has arranged to have the corpses of four particular people shipped to New Orleans. The last of them has now arrived. He has She-Hulk break into the cargo hold and bring him the casket.

They then take the casket back to where he has the other three, and where Garth is guarding Weezi, who is tied to a post. Weezi calls out to Jen, saying it is time for her to stop pretending to be under Black Talon's control and reveal she was just playing along. Unfortunately, She-Hulk truly is under Black Talon's power.

He orders her and Garth to push the displaced soil back over top of the freshly dug graves. While doing so, the necklace gets caught on a branch sticking out of the ground! It snaps off, and She-Hulk is free from the spell! She instantly recognizes Black Talon as an old Avengers foe. She attacks, but Talon orders Garth to defend him. Garth is strong, but he is no match for She-Hulk, who uses his tiny head like a little punching bag for a minute, and she knocks him out. However, before She-Hulk can stop him, Black Talon hurls his jamba sticks into the ground, completing his spell! The ground starts to shake, and his four new zombie claw their way out of their graves! However, these are no ordinary zombies; they are (were) The Living Diamond, the Changeling, Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club, and Scale-Face! "Behold, the Unliving X-Humed!"


Continuity Notes[]

  • The New York City skyline in this story features the original twin towers on the site of the World Trade Center. These towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Due to the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, the Modern Age has now been bumped forward in time so that it no longer begins prior to the year 2002. As such, the appearance of the twin towers in this story should be considered a topical reference.
  • Mahkizmo is originally from Earth-74101, a future world where men dominate the Earth. As seen in Fantastic Four #151153 his world was merged with the female dominated Earth-712 creating Earth-7412 where both men and women lived peacefully together.
  • The X-Humed are all X-Men villains who had been killed in the past. They are:


  • The cover of the issue parodies the famous Vanity Fair cover of a pregnant Demi Moore, with a green beach ball taking the place of a baby bump on She-Hulk.

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