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Wyatt Wingfoot (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 269 001
Wyatt Wingfoot
Quote1 Not to worry, Jen. I'm sure my shirt will fit you. Quote2
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 43 Textless Remastered
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Quote1 Let's just hold on that for a minute, shall wee? It's about time my female readers got something to look at! Quote2

Appearing in "Love In Bloom"

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Synopsis for "Love In Bloom"

Jen wakes up in a great mood, since it is Valentine's Day. It is her 2nd favorite day of the year. She decides to phone Weezi and her father to see how they're doing. Weezi answers the phone, and Jen asks how the two lovebirds are doing. She teases, asking if they've set a wedding date yet. Weezi tells her they were thinking of doing it around the same time Jen and Wyatt do. Jen asks Weezi when she'll be coming back to New York; Weezi says she'll probably be back before too long. They say goodbye, and Jen gets off the phone.

She notices that something feels different, so she folds back the page and sees that Byrne is inking the issue himself, rather than Keith Williams. Jen says that if Byrne is doing the inking, she wants the duo-shade paper he used when inking NAMOR. Byrne starts using the duo-shade, much to Jen's delight.

Then she goes to Wyatt's room to say good morning to him. The two of them decide to go out for breakfast.

However, on the way to the restaurant, they are ambushed by Mahkizmo! Wyatt recognizes him as an old FF foe. Mahkizmo attacks, and hit Jen so hard she is sent flying into a bus! The impact sends the bus flying backwards, crashing into several other cars and smashing them all into a building!

Wyatt runs up and checks on her. Jen's fine, but she is topless since her jacket and shirt were shredded in the crash. Wyatt takes off his own shirt and gives it to her. Jen sighs and asks Byrne to just pause for a moment, to give the book's female readers something to look at.

On a nearby rooftop, Eros and one of his fellow gods are observing the battle. Eros has chosen She-Hulk as the "perfect mate" for Mahkizmo, according to the challenge Venus made to him. He loads one of his magic arrows into his bow, and prepares to make She-Hulk fall in love with Mahkizmo!

Mahkimzo charges towards She-Hulk and Wyatt, but Jen punches the ground in front of him, knocking him off his feet. Jen tells Wyatt to get to a safe distance, while she battles Mahkizmo. She-Hulk and Mahkizmo continue to pound away at each other, but neither seems to be winning. Wyatt observes that they are too evenly matched, but figures that Mahkizmo must have some weakness she can exploit. He spots 4 Freedoms Plaza nearby and decides to head there to get some info on how to stop Mahkizmo!

She-Hulk and Mahkizmo continue their battle. She-Hulk smashes a car over his head, but it doesn't even slow him down. Seeing a clear shot, Eros fires his arrow, but at the last second, Mahkizmo gets in the way and is struck by the arrow! He instantly falls in love with the She-Hulk, and wants her to become his bride!

Jen demands to know why Byrne keeps making all these guys fall for her; Xemnu, Santa Claus, Garth, Mole Man, Living Eraser and now Mahkizmo.

Mahkizmo says he has no purpose in life other than to serve her every need. He tries to kiss She-Hulk, but she shoves him away. She tells him to go back to wherever he came from, and if he behaves, maybe she'll send him an autographed picture. Mahkizmo agrees to go back to his future world, and activates the time portal, taking both himself and Jennifer! He tells her that she'll remain safe in his future world, while he returns to her time to complete his mission to murder all the women on Earth!


Continuity Notes[]

Publication Notes[]

  • She-Hulk makes mention of the "duo-shade" paper that John Byrne used on his run in Namor the Sub-Mariner. He begins using this paper intermittently through the rest of his run on Sensational She-Hulk.

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