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Quote1.png I just thought I'd take a moment to change while you were setting up. After all, why should Weezi be the only one looking like a junior space cadet? Quote2.png
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "Weezi..?"

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Synopsis for "Weezi..?"

She-Hulk goes to check on Weezi, who has walked out of the storyline. Jen reminds her that comic books aren't like movies, and that they can't just take a coffee break while they wait for her. "Why not?", Weezi retorts, "We can do anything else in this silly book. Why don't you ask Mister Smarty-Pants, Know-It-All Byrne to write you a coffee break?" Weezi explains that she is mad at Byrne for deciding to make her fat a few issues back, and she has quit the storyline as an act of protest. Jen acknowledges that Byrne does have a habit of drawing very fat women. Jen tells Weezi to stand her ground, and she'll do the best she can against Spragg on her own.

She-Hulk then returns to the story, with the army of Spraggs flying straight at her! She-Hulk starts pounding the Spraggs into dust, but Spragg simply extends his consciousness into all the fragments as well! All she has accomplished is to create more Spraggs! Spragg then swarms all of his little clones around her body, covering her completely. He plans to leave her drifting in space for eternity as an asteroid!

Jen is rescued by Archer and Al, who crash their truck into the asteroid, smashing it apart and freeing She-Hulk! While Archer takes evasive action, Al quickly uses the cargo netting to grab She-Hulk and bring her aboard.

Once Jen comes to, she starts working on an idea for how to stop Spragg. She examines the steel mesh of the cargo netting, and asks if they have any more of it. Al brings it out, and Jen smiles, saying it is perfect! Then she tells them her plan....

Shortly, Jen heads back to the cockpit, having changed into a more "space cadet" type outfit. Jen asks if U.S. has set up the magnetic grapples like she wanted. He says yes, but that they won't cling to Spragg, since he is made of stone. Jen says they won't have to cling to him. Soon the truck comes charging towards Spragg and his clones again! Spragg calls them fools for continuing to fight him. They realize that the first Spragg to speak is the real Spragg, so they fly at him, and release the net! It wraps around Spragg, and the magnetic grapplers cling to the metal of the net! The rest of the rocks are just drifting--She-Hulk's plan has worked! They then extend a hook to grab a hold of Spragg's net, and tow him back to the Star Stop.

Back at the Star Stop, Poppa Wheelie asks She-Hulk how she knew that the netting would stop Spragg. She explains how Dr. Robertson told them that when he first encountered Spragg, his steel helmet protected him from Spragg's mental power. So, she figured that the metal produced some kind of electromagnetic field that disrupts Spragg's power, and used the steel mesh of the netting to achieve the same effect!

She then says the only question left is what do they do with Spragg now. That question is quickly answered when Big Enilwen sees Spragg and wants to add him to his rock collection! Jen thought that Enilwen collected teddy bears. He says he used to, but now he collects rocks. Suddenly worried, Jen asks what Enilwen did with all the bears he had collected. Enilwen says he set them free. Then Xemnu reveals himself! "Yes, She-Hulk! The ignominy is ended!! Once more Xemnu the Titan is free!! And now you and your fellow humans are doomed!"


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