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  • Petrification Gun


  • Skrull airship (Destroyed)
  • Ovoid ship

Synopsis for "Oops!"

She-Hulk has found herself a prisoner on the planet Dandesh IV where it appears a colony of D'bari, that weren't wiped out by the Dark Pheonix, have apparently made their home. With her are her ally Taryn O'Connell, a member of the Ovoid race and the petrified forms of Razorback and Rocket Raccoon. Needing to get a message to her allies aboard the Skrull ship in orbit, She-Hulk learns the Ovoid mind-swapping technique. With it, she attempts to do a mind swap with her friend Louise Mason. However, something goes wrong: instead of swapping their bodies, something causes the two women to trade physiques instead. Watching as this transformation takes place, the Ovoid learns that She-Hulk has gamma irradiated blood and believes that it is the radiation in her body that has caused this strange turn of events.

Aboard the Skrull ship in orbit, Louise, US Archer and Retread are equally as shocked by the sudden transformation. Unsure how it happened, Weezi demands answers from their erstwhile Skrull allies. The Skrull commander quickly recalls how they had recently detected a Ovoid ship in the region and they deduce what happened. Seeing this as a message from She-Hulk, they all beam down to the planet where the Skrulls begin laying waste to what appears to be unarmed D'bari people. Meanwhile, Louise and Archer smash into the facility where She-Hulk and the others are being held. They are soon attacked by guards led by Vuk, the D'bari with the petrification gun. Weezi gives him chase and when it looks like she might catch him, Vuk sets the device to overload, threatening to petrify everything within 100,000 miles.

The Skrulls quickly abandon their allies, leaving them to their fate. However, the Ovoid's ship is nearby. When Taryn refuses to go without the petrified form of Razorback, She-Hulk tries to explain to her that there is no time. When she still refuses to go, Weezi knocks her out. They quickly take off and just narrowly avoid the massive petrification explosion. The Skrulls, however, don't fare very well and their petrified ship crumbles in space. With the explosion over, they back track to the planet. There they find that the explosion had the reverse affect on Razorback and Rocket Raccoon, changing them back to flesh and blood.

With their rescue mission over, She-Hulk still can't understand how these D'bari survived and why they were so hostile. Tryn and Razorback have an answer, though: Other than Vuk, these weren't D'bari, but the "Carbon-Copy Men". They explain that the Xartan race disguised themselves to hide from the Skrulls, who are hostile to other shapeshifting races. Rocket explains that he got captured because he came to the planet to refuel his ship and saw one of the Xartans in their native forms.

With all the mysterys solved, She-Hulk asks the Ovoid to change her and Weezi back to normal. However, the Ovoid has some bad news: The change is apparently permanent.


Continuity Notes

  • Vuk mentions not losing his people a "second time", he is referring to how the Dark Phoenix wiped out his entire race back in X-Men #135.

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