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Quote1.png And I'm afraid that as long as Mrs. Mason desires to remain in her present condition-- --even unconsciously-- --there is no way known to man that can reverse the situation! Quote2.png
Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "Uh-Oh"

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  • Your Favorite Villain (Only appearance)[1]

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  • Sky-Cycle

Synopsis for "Uh-Oh"

Having returned to Earth following their adventure in space, She-Hulk and Weezi are examined by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four in order to find a way to reverse the process that caused them to swap bodies. Conferring with She-Hulk's Ovoid ally, Mister Fantastic recalls how Doctor Doom once used the same technique to swap bodies with him. However, this time thanks to She-Hulk's irradiated blood the process swapped their bodies instead. She-Hulk and her allies then explain that they were in space trying to rescue Razorback and Taryn O'Connell when they came upon a world where the Xartans were posing as the D'bari in order to avoid detection in Skrull space. It was there that the She-Hulk was captured by the phony D'bari and attempted to use the mind-swapping technique to get a message to Weezi and the others aboard the Skrull ship.

After some examination, Reed believes that the process should have reversed itself by now. As the tests are going on, Weezi admits to She-Hulk that she understands why Jen revels in her She-Hulk form. Stumped as to why the women haven't returned to normal and sends them home while he goes over the data he has collected. When She-Hulk and Weezi return to her apartment, they explain to a very confused Wyatt Wingfoot as to what happened. After all the explanations are made their attention is turned toward Central Park. There they see [insert favorite villain's name here] on a rampage. Since Weezi now has the power of the She-Hulk, she goes into the park to battle [insert favorite villain's name here]. She-Hulk is forced to stand on the sidelines with Wyatt and watch as the battle rages on.

Soon, Mister Fantastic and the Thing arrive on the scene and witness the battle between Weezi and [insert favorite villain's name here]. The Thing then jumps in to lend her a hand and their combined strength is enough to knock out [insert favorite villain's name here]. With the battle over, Reed tells the two women that he has figured out why they haven't returned to normal. He recounts when the Fantastic Four faced Doctor Doom after he swapped bodies with Mister Fantastic, years earlier. He explains that when after the Fantastic Four discovered the truth, the shock of being discovered caused Doom to reverse the process. He goes on to explain the mind-swapping technique was never meant to be a permanent situation when two sentient minds were involved, as it was originally developed as a means of elderly Ovoids to transfer their minds into mindless clone bodies. Reed goes on to say that the only reason why they haven't snapped back yet is because one of them is not willing to let go of the body swap. Since She-Hulk doesn't want to exist in Weezi's bodyshape, they quickly realise that it's Weezi who is holding on.

Reed explains that until Weezi lets go of her new form they will remain this way forever.


Chronology Notes

  • Mister Fantastic recounts the first time Doctor Doom used the mind-swapping technique back in Fantastic Four #10.
  • Wyatt recounts the other times that Doctor Doom used his mind swapping techniques. Specifically when he used it to evade death at the hands of Tyros in Fantastic Four #260. He was eventually restored to normal in Fantastic Four #288.

Continuity Errors

  • Wyatt states that Doctor Doom used the Ovoid technique to swap bodies with Daredevil. He is referring to the events of Daredevil #3638. However, Doom did not use the Ovoid technique to facilitate that body swap. In fact it was done through technological means.
  • Wyatt also doesn't mention how Doom once used the technique to swap bodies with the Human Torch as seen in Spider-Man / Fantastic Four #1. However, this omission is a technicality since that story was published years after this one.

Publication Notes

  • The gag in this issue is the fact that they couldn't decide on a villain for the story. Hence the generic references in story.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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