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Appearing in "Love Conquers All"

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  • Police car
  • Securi-car

Synopsis for "Love Conquers All"

Thanks to a botched mind-swap, the She-Hulk and her friend Louise Mason have swapped physiques instead. Having just discovered that Louise doesn't want to give up her She-Hulk form, she has become a new hero around New York City, leaving Jennifer and her boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot to consider what to do next. Jen asks the Ovoid scientist if he has come up with anything that might help reverse the process. However, he tells her he has nothing as yet, reminding her that the Ovoid mind swapping technique was originally intended to transfer the minds of elderly Ovoids into clone bodies to prolong their existences. He also reminds She-Hulk that thanks to her gamma-irradiated blood the process had an unforeseen side effect when she attempted to swap minds with Weezi.

Meanwhile, Lousie is assisting a construction crew with an excavation job at the side of a new youth center. Suddenly, she hears police sirens and leaps into action, stopping a gang of costumed thieves from making off with an armored car. After stopping the crooks, Louise poses for the news cameras that have arrived on the scene. This footage is seen by Morris Walters, She-Hulk's father, from his home in Los Angeles. He is upset because the women in his life keep on changing, but he decides not to sit back and cry over it and do something more proactive and picks up the phone and books a flight to New York City. While back in New York City, the She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot visit Mister Fantastic to see if he has come up with any new solutions to reverse the body swap. Reed regretfully tells them that he has not, reminding them that when Doctor Doom pulled the same stunt years earlier he willingly let go of the mind-swap after he had been discovered. However, he does recal that it was the shock of being discovered and he theorizes that some similar motion will affect Louise, however, he cautions her to be careful as the process could drive Weezi insane.

She-Hulk and Wyatt then go to lunch where Jennifer complains about the situation. Their discussion is interrupted when they are confronted by Titania who is looking to fight She-Hulk and get revenge for her previous defeats. Titania easily swats Wyatt aside and begins laying into the weak and defenseless She-Hulk. Meanwhile, Louise is making a guest appearance on a daytime talk show. While the host interviews members of the audience, Morris Walters crashes the show and he begs her to change back to normal, as he has fallen in love with Louise the way she was, not the way she is. This touching moment is all caught by the cameras, and realizing how Morris feels, Louise gives up her form. This causes the real She-Hulk to change back to normal after being buried under a ton of crates. Titania is caught off guard allowing She-Hulk to knock her out with a single blow.

Later, She-Hulk gathers with her father, Louise and Wyatt to tie up loose ends. Morris is slightly mortified that he made his profession on live television. Meanwhile, Louise feels horrible for not letting go of She-Hulk's form, putting Jen at the mercy of Titania. However, now that everything is back to normal, She-Hulk can forgive and forget about what happened.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed Richards discusses the time that Doctor Doom initaiated a mind-swap with him in Fantastic Four #10.

Continuity Errors

  • Morris Walters states that his wife Elaine died in a car accident with a drunk driver. This contradicts Savage She-Hulk #4 wherein Morris states that his wife was murdered by hitmen hired by mobster Nick Trask.

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