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Quote1.png Don't panic Jen... You can... Get out of this... After all, I'm a... super-hero... And we all kn--know... Super-heroes don't... really die... Quote2.png
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Appearing in "Visit L.A. -- and Die!"

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Synopsis for "Visit L.A. -- and Die!"

As She-Hulk is trying on lingerie at Libido's Boutique, Mister Fantastic is desperately trying to get a hold of her. Instead, he manages to reach She-Hulk's friend Louise Mason. Reed tells Weezi that he has finished examining the remains of War Zone but in order to learn more about the gas he subjected She-Hulk to he will need to examine her. Learning where She-Hulk is, Mister Fantastic sends the Thing to go and collect her. The idea of going to a women's lingerie store is something Ben Grimm finds absolutely mortifying. Meanwhile, back at Libido's, Mary MacPherran is trying to apply for a job and loses her temper when she is turned down due to her criminal career as Titania. When she starts making a mess of the place, She-Hulk comes out of the dressing room to face her. The two women fight, but She-Hulk is surprised when her hand starts to hurt after hitting Titania. Realizing that her strength is starting to fade, She-Hulk is tossed into the Thing, who is more bashful than ever now that he is in the store. Titania is able to trounce the two heroes, partially due to the Thing's embarrassment. Titania then tosses She-Hulk out into the street, gloating over how easy it's been to defeat her. The Thing quickly recovers his composure then manages to knock out Titania while she is distracted. Soon the supervillain is contained by Code: Blue so She-Hulk and the Thing can return to the Four Freedoms Plaza.

There, Mister Fantastic explains that the gas that She-Hulk was exposed to is sapping away her powers until she eventually reverts back to human form. She-Hulk doesn't want this and demands that Reed do something to cure her. Mister Fantastic explains that this is beyond his expertise but recommends that she seek out Dr. Daniel Ridge in Los Angeles. As it turns out, Ridge is one of She-Hulk's old boyfriends. She-Hulk tells Weezi to pack her bags as they are going to California. Weezi is looking forward to this as this means she can spend more time with Jennifer's father Morris. Reed reminds her that this trip is not for fun and games and warns her that they still don't know who sent War Zone after her in the first place.

When She-Hulk and Louise arrive in LA, they are swarmed by fans and the press. After getting through the throng of people, they meet with Jennifer's father, Daniel and his wife Christina. While, Morris and Louise are happily reunited, Christina is instantly jealous of She-Hulk. Daniel takes a quick look at her and insists that she see him at his lab starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the CBC television network, the owner J.C. Melton berates producer Greg Hallerhand for the low ratings for the daytime soap opera "Heartbreak Hospital". He is warned to turn things around or else. Halerhand then calls in his writer to their office who suggests that they do a live taping to entice viewers. Seeing the newspaper headlines about She-Hulk, they also decide to try and get her involved in the special episode as well.

Meanwhile, at Morris Walter's house, She-Hulk is upset that she is front page news. When Weezi begins reading the other stories she comes across one that claims that actor James David has been sighted even though he is reportedly dead. This causes Morris to spit up his coffee. He insists that the reports are false since David died thirty years earlier. After reminiscing about how James played in movies about rebels, Morris tells the women that they should go for lunch before meeting up with Daniel Ridge. Morris takes them to the Burger Barn, the very place news reports claimed James David was sighted. Much to the surprised of Morris Walters, James David shows up. Now calling himself the Rumbler, he attacks Morris, Jennifer, and Louise with his earthquake abilities. She-Hulk tries to fight back, but the Rumbler causes the ground to open up and buries her alive. With her strength failing, She-Hulk doesn't have the strength to dig herself. Unable to breath under all the rubble, She-Hulk begins to suffocate and eventually passes out.


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk previously had a on-and-off relationship with Zapper throughout Savage She-Hulk.
  • It is stated that James David died in 1963 and that his movie "Rebel With a Pause" was released in 1959. Both of these dates should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Modern readers should interpret the death of James David as happening 30 years prior to this story, and his movie being released 34 years prior and ignore the dates.

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