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Quote1.png --I'm gonna kill you!! And this time, Mr. "Comeback from the dead," it'll be for keeps! Quote2.png
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

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  • Red car

Synopsis for "Alive Again"

Following the She-Hulk's death, her ex-boyfriend Daniel Ridge is about to conduct an experiment that he hopes will bring her back to life. His wife Christina and his father-in-law Hector DeVasquez think this is insanity, but he insists that it can be done. He explains that although She-Hulk's heart has stopped her brain still remains active thanks to the gamma radiation in her body. Meanwhile, at the Santa Monica Memorial Hospital, Louise Mason waits to hear word on the status of Moris Walters, fearing the worst. She is joined by Wyatt Wingfoot who has come after hearing the news that She-Hulk died in battle. As Weezi explains how everything went down they are interrupted by Morris' doctor who tells him that Mr. Walters is going to pull through. Told to get some rest, Wyatt can only think about his relationship with She-Hulk. How they met through Fantastic Four, and how their own engagement ended when the pair had other responsibilities to focus on.

Meanwhile, in the afterlife's Post Mortum Mall, She-Hulk gets reacquainted with her mother. As they talk about her relationship with Wyatt Wingfoot, Elaine Walters thinks he sounds like a good man and tells She-Hulk that they should get married. While talking about how busy she has been and the regrets she has had, Jennifer explains that when she first arrived she didn't receive final judgment from Death. This comes to a shock to Elaine who warns her daughter that if she doesn't face final judgment her spirit will never rest. She-Hulk explains to her mother that she doesn't want to be dead, that she has more to accomplish yet in the world of the living. At that moment in the world of the living, She-Hulk's ex-boyfriend Daniel Ridge is in the process of not only bringing She-Hulk back from the dead but also purging the toxins in her body that have been sapping her strength. While at the head office of the CBC Network, news of She-Hulk's death has reached Greg Hallerhand, the producer of the "Heartbreak Hospital", who hoped to hire her for a special live taping of the flagging soap opera. While in New York City, the Hulk reads the news about his cousin's death. While back in Los Angeles, the Rumbler watches the news reports about She-Hulk's death as well and gloats.

Soon, Daniel Ridge activates the device he hopes will bring the She-Hulk back to life, while his wife Christina arrives at the lab. In the afterlife, She-Hulk has just been bought a necklace from her mother. As Ridge turns on the device, She-Hulk suddenly feels a great pain. As it intensifies, her mother quickly realizes that something is bringing She-Hulk back to life. She-Hulk suddenly finds herself back in the red car that brought her to the afterlife as it speeds back toward the land of the living. When Death tries to block her path, the car passes harmlessly through her. She-Hulk suddenly wakes up and smashes out of the containment unit that Daniel placed her in to conduct his experiment, but she is unaware that the necklace her mother gave her is still around her neck. As Christina is barred from the lab, Jennifer and Daniel celebrate her miraculous resurrection. Christina gets into the lab to witness She-Hulk hugging her husband. Believing that Jennifer is trying to ruin her marriage, Christina silently exits the room and runs out of the lab. Later, Daniel examines She-Hulk's body and gives her a clean bill of health. Jennifer is suddenly surprised when Daniel kisses her. She stops him, remaining Ridge that he is married. He apologizes, telling her this moment was like old times and she agrees to keep this between them.

While back at the hospital, Morris is allowed visitors and is seen by Louise and Wyatt. After they tell him the news that his daughter is dead they are suddenly attacked by the Rumbler. With everyone subdued by his powers, the former actor gloats about how he will finally get revenge against Morris Walters. Suddenly, much to everyone's surprise, She-Hulk enters the room and knocks him outside. The two begin fighting in the parking lot when the Rumbler realizes that he is no match for She-Hulk's enhanced strength. He then tries to bury her alive again, however, Jennifer panics and her fear turns into anger. Suddenly, she Hulks out and breaks free. This new savage She-Hulk breaks free from the concrete and easily subdues the Rumbler. Furious that he would threaten her and her family, the She-Hulk vows that she will kill her foe.


Continuity Notes

  • As an aside, Wyatt mentions that Johnny Storm didn't marry the real Alicia Masters but a Skrull spy named Lyja. Lyja took the place of the real Alicia circa Fantastic Four #265 around the time She-Hulk joined the team. The truth was finally revealed in Fantastic Four #356357.
  • It is briefly suggested that they get actress P. Isadora to play the She-Hulk on "Heartbreak Hospital". This actress played the role of She-Hulk in a low budget She-Hulk movie that was made in Sensational She-Hulk #12.
  • Daniel Ridge says he kissed She-Hulk because of "old times", the pair had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the course of Template:Savage She-Hulk Vol 1.

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