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Appearing in "The Young and the Resurrected"

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Synopsis for "The Young and the Resurrected"

Following a brush with death the She-Hulk has transformed back into her savage form while defending her father and friends from the Rumbler. However, before she can kill him with her bare hands, the Rumbler uses his seismic powers to bury her in debris again. This does nothing more than anger the She-Hulk even more as she smashes free from the rubble. She is about to smash him with a massive bolder when she suddenly catches her reflection in the side of an ambulance. At first, She-Hulk is furious at being so massive and ugly, even railing against the artist of her book. But she soon revels in the power it brings her and is about to crush her foe when her father calls out to her.

This causes She-Hulk to pause, but she refuses to listen to anyone. However, the distraction gives the Rumbler enough time to get his bearings. When he tries to fight back, he pushes his powers to the limit and instead of harming his foe, the Rumbler buries himself under tons of concrete instead. With the threat over, the She-Hulk calms down sufficiently enough that she reverts back to her usual form. Seeing the damage done, She-Hulk feels horrible over losing control so easily and wonders if this will keep on happening in the future. Jennifer and Wyatt then go back to the DeVasquez Research Technologies building to meet with Daniel Ridge to find out why she turned into a savage again. Wyatt and Daniel exchange pleasantries but there is some underlying animosity between the two. Ridge whisks She-Hulk back to his lab so he can examine her body again. After a full body scan, he realizes that the transformation was his mistake, that he had used too much gamma radiation when he revived her earlier and that it was a one-time situation.

After giving her a clean bill of health, Daniel tries to kiss her again, unaware that his wife Christina and his father-in-law are watching from the security monitors. Christina orders her father to turn off the feed as she believes that She-Hulk is trying to ruin her marriage. Unknown to Christina, down in the lab, Jennifer pushes Daniel off of her. She is furious that he tried this again and is not willing to let him off the hook this time for making a move on her while she is in a relationship and he is married. She storms out on him, but Daniel vows that he will win her back and eliminate Wyatt Wingfoot in the process. Outside, Jen and Wyatt are leaving, and although Wyatt notices that She-Hulk is mad about something, she refuses to talk about it. As they drive off, Wyatt notices the necklace around her neck. At first, she can't remember how she got it but soon begins remembering that her mother gave it to her and something about a battle with the Green Goblin. Wyatt then breaks the news to her that she was believed to have died. With public sightings on the She-Hulk, the news of her resurrection hits the press, reading Avengers Mansion and the Four Freedoms Plaza. While everyone celebrates She-Hulk's recovery, Mister Fantastic is still concerned for her safety, as they still don't know who sent the robot War Zone after her. At that moment, in a storage closet in the Four Freedoms Plaza, War Zone reactivates.

She-Hulk returns to the hospital where her father is recovering from his injuries where they watch the news about Jennifer's recent resurrection. They are soon interrupted by Greg Hallerhand from the CBC Network. He offers Jennifer a guest role on the soap opera "Heartbreak Hospital". After listening to Hallerhand's hard sell on taking the role and with encouragement from her father, Wyatt and Louise, She-Hulk accepts the job but hopes she doesn't end up regretting it. She-Hulk and Wyatt soon find themselves on the set of the show where she discovers that the show is being taped live and worries she might somehow mess it up. Hallerhand personally doesn't care because either way an appearance by She-Hulk on his show will boost his ratings. Soon the cameras are rolling and She-Hulk plays the part of a green skinned nurse in the middle of a feud between two rival doctors. The scene calls for She-Hulk to strip down to a bikini and soak in a hot tub. As she goes to do this, the set is suddenly crashed by War Zone who has come back to finish off She-Hulk once and for all.


Continuity Notes

  • The narrative of this story states that this story takes place "before events in recent issues of Fantastic Four". It is referring to the fact that Franklin Richards was kidnapped by his grandfather, who replaced Franklin with his future self from an alternate timeline in Fantastic Four #376, which was published around the same time as this story.

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