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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "The Edge of Plight"

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  • Gamma neutralizer


Synopsis for "The Edge of Plight"

The She-Hulk is involved in a live taping of the soap opera "Heartbreak Hospital", in the middle of her big scene she is suddenly attacked by the robot known as War Zone. Jennifer orders everyone off the set, but the actors think this is still part of the show. Up in the control room, producer Greg Hallerhand insists that they keep the cameras rolling, but Wyatt Wingfoot rushes down to the set to help his girlfriend out. Meanwhile, the lead actor is saying lines to War Zone thinking this is all part of the show and is swatted aside. She-Hulk battles it out with War Zone until Wyatt shows up. As Wingfoot is it's primary target, War Zone knocks She-Hulk aside and grabs Wyatt by the throat, intent on killing him. Seeing Wyatt in danger causes She-Hulk to briefly turn back into her savage form. This is seen by everyone watching the show including her father, Louise Mason, Daniel Ridge, and her cousin the Hulk who has come to help his cousin in her time of need. Seeing that she still needs his help, the Hulk rushes off to the studio to help.

Ultimately, She-Hulk gets the better of War Zone, ripping off one of the robot's arms before tossing it into the hot tub where it seemingly short circuits. When they cut to commercial, She-Hulk rushes up to the control room and yells at Hallerhand for keeping the cameras rolling while she was in the middle of the battle. Greg insists that it was great for ratings and that the rest of the taping will go smoother now that the danger is over. Jennifer is convinced and soon she is back on the set to finish the episode they are filming. However, in the middle of a tense scene where She-Hulk's character has to "choose" between two lovers, the show is interrupted yet again. This time by Christina Ridge, who has come to accuse She-Hulk of trying to destroy her marriage with Daniel. She-Hulk tries to explain herself to Christina, that Daniel was the one responsible for the advances on her. However, before she can finish this explanation she is attacked by War Zone yet again.

This time, the She-Hulk rips off War Zone's other arms, but this doesn't even phase the robot. It then opens its chest cavity revealing that it is armed with a gamma bomb that will go off in less than a minute. As She-Hulk tries to disable the robot and the bomb, everyone clears out of the studio. As the timer counts down Jennifer begins to lose her temper again and turns into the savage She-Hulk once more. However, no matter how hard she strikes the robot it does nothing to stop the countdown. Then, in the nick of time, Daniel comes bursting in wearing a suit of armor and carrying a massive gun. He blasts War Zone, deactivating the robot and his bomb for good. Suddenly, it becomes clear to both She-Hulk and Christina that all of these events were orchestrated by Daniel in order to get She-Hulk to fall in love with him again.

Fed up with how tawdry the story is getting, She-Hulk steps off panel so she can talk with the Keeper of the Comics Code to find out why such a story was allowed to get past censors. She discovers that the Keeper has been replaced by the Exploitinator, who has sealed the Keeper in a mylar bag and is now calling the shots. He explains that this is the sort of thing that will generate a lot of sales. She-Hulk considers this for a moment and likes the idea of not being as constrained by censors and leaps back into her story.

Back on the set, the She-Hulk is about ready to rip Daniel Ridge limb from limb for manipulating her this whole time. However, before she can, the Hulk shows up to stop her from committing murder.

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