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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "Family Business"

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  • Henry' video camera


  • CBC News helicopter
  • Gamma Tank
  • Green Truck

Synopsis for "Family Business"

After being manipulated for days by her ex-boyfriend Daniel Ridge, She-Hulk has turned savage while on set for a live taping of "Heartbreak Hospital", however, her rampage has been interrupted by the arrival of her cousin, the Hulk. Both the Hulk and Wyatt try to convince Jennifer to calm down before someone gets hurt, but she is not willing to listen. While up in the control room producer Greg Hallerhand is ecstatic by this turn of events because the cameras are still rolling and it is sure to boost the ratings. Everyone tires to get her to calm down. When Daniel Ridge offers to cure her of this condition, the savage She-Hulk almost punches him in the fact, but the shot is stopped by her cousin. She-Hulk punches the Hulk clear out of the CBC Network building instead.

Wyatt still tries to calm Jen down, which begins to work until Daniel starts offering his aid as well. This gets her angry again because Ridge has been manipulating her in an insane ploy to get her to fall in love with him again. She grabs Ridge and tosses him outside the building as well, but he is saved from a violent death by the Hulk. By this point Hallerhand thinks things are getting out of hand and tells She-Hulk to tone it down because he will get in trouble with the censors. This prompts She-Hulk to direct her anger toward him next. Watching all this from the hospital, Morris and Louise decide that they have watched from the sidelines long enough and they need to get to the studio to try and talk She-Hulk down.

The fighting between the She-Hulk and her cousin continue and as the two pummel each other Christina Ridge contacts her father to explain everything that happened. Still thinking She-Hulk is responsible for his son-in-law's infidelity, Hector DeVasquez assures his daughter that they will handle things his way. Meanwhile, the battle between the two Hulks take them to the Hollywood sign. There, Christina and her father arrive in a massive gamma tank that Hector hopes to use to destroy the She-Hulk once and for all. As the She-Hulk is bombarded with gamma blasts, the Hulk tries to stop them but is incapacitated by the tank's defense systems. As Hector gloats about avenging the honor of his daughter, the gamma rays don't stop the She-Hulk, only make her stronger. She resists the force of the blasts and manages to get up close enough to the tank to rip it to shreds. However, before she can harm Hector and Christina, Morris and Louise arrive. Morris manages to talk She-Hulk down, causing him to clam down enough to change back into Jennifer Walters.

In the aftermath of the battle, Daniel agrees to perform another blood transfusion between the Hulk and Jennifer in order to restore her She-Hulk powers. With all said and done, Daniel apologises for his fixation on Jennifer, and he and Christina agree to work out their marriage. Hulk is happy to see his cousin well again but has to leave to deal with other business. Louise decides to stay behind in Los Angeles to care for Morris while he still recovers from his injuries. This leaves She-Hulk and Wyatt to plan a much needed vacation.


Continuity Notes

  • A blood transfusion between Jennifer and the Hulk is done to restore her powers. This is exactly the same method used the first the time Jennifer got her She-Hulk powers back in Savage She-Hulk #1.

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