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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "Disorder in the Court"

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Synopsis for "Disorder in the Court"

She-Hulk is shocked to see the readers before she is ready and has the artist quickly draw in her apartment while she gets ready for her next court case. As she rushes out the door she says goodbye to her boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot, but is shocked to see that his hair is blonde instead of black. She tells the artists that they better have that fixed before she gets back home. She is in such a hurry she leaves before Wyatt can tell her that he loves her. She soon arrives at the District Attorney's office where she learns that her next case is an armored car hold-up, something she finds to be incredibly boring. Regardless of the lack of intrigue to her case, both Blake Tower and Louise tell Jennifer to grow up. This stings a bit as she leaves, wondering why everyone is acting so serious all of a sudden. As She-Hulk heads to the courthouse she is unaware that she is being observed by a group of women. Their leader tells them to examine every aspect of the She-Hulk, as she wants to have her.

Later, when She-Hulk arrives at the courthouse she is shocked to see it swarming with super-villains. Thinking it is an attack she is about to beat up the Trapster when she is stopped by another lawyer who tells they are all character witnesses for his trial against the Tinkerer. As it turns out, all of these super-villains are trying to sue the inventor for selling them faulty equipment. As the villain trial begins witnesses are brought to the stand to complain about the Tinkerer's fault equipment or give expert advice. Things get heated when the Taskmaster takes the stand and berates the villains for not knowing how to use their equipment properly, resulting in a fight in the courtroom. While in the other courtroom, She-Hulk's prosecution gets even easier when it is learned that he disappeared. Looking over the file she recognizes the accused as Telford Potter, aka the mutant teleporter known as the Vanisher.

Suddenly, the supervillain fight spills over into this courtroom, forcing She-Hulk to try and break things up. In the middle of the battle, she notices that the Porcupine is among the villains and reminds him that he is dead. When he realizes that she is right, he drops dead instantly. Next, she faces off against both Boomerang and the Ringer, but she gets them to argue over each others similar techniques long enough to knock them out. After defeating both Whirlwind and Blacklash, she convinces the remaining villains to stop fighting and sit down. While the Tinkerer points out this proves that his is right, the judge instead determines the trial to be the most absurd one she has ever seen and has all the villains arrested. In the aftermath, She-Hulk is approached by the Mad Thinker and the Tinkerer who demand that she decide which one is the superior. Fed up with her entire day, She-Hulk tells them to sort it out for themselves and storms off. As she walks home she is unaware that she is being photographed by the three women hired to find her.

When She-Hulk gets home she takes a moment to relax when Wyatt tells her that they need to talk. Before he can say anything else there the doorbell rings. When she answers it she is shocked to find that her father has come to stay with her for a while.


Continuity Notes

  • Stilt Man mentions how his last defeat was at the hands of cockroaches. That happened in Daredevil #317.
  • She-Hulk comments about how Iron Man had recently sent Blacklash and Blizzard to jail. That was actually quite a while ago, since the last time Iron Man clashed with them was in Iron Man #240.
  • She-Hulk reminds the Porcupine that he is dead. At the time of this story the Porcupine had been killed in Captain America #315.

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