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Quote1.png Well...I guess that's it. Take care, everybody. See you in the funny papers. Quote2.png
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in "Bug Hunt"

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  • Ammo belt
  • Bandolier
  • Hugh gun
  • Head-band
  • Daily Bugle newspaper


Synopsis for "Bug Hunt"

She-Hulk is shocked by the sudden arrival of her father, who has come in from Los Angeles to stay with her for a while. Jennifer invites her father in, and when he opens the closet, he is shocked to find Garth, the massive zombie that has a crush on She-Hulk. When she tries to explain who he is, he shocks her by showing the ability to talk and explains that he has gotten over his crush on her. This comes to a shock to Morris, but when he snaps out of it, he explains that he sold the family home and put all of Jennifer's things in storage. Hearing this it is She-Hulk's turn to be shocked. When Wyatt comes to greet Morris, he suddenly thinks that Jennifer and Wyatt are living together and that maybe he should get a hotel room. Wyatt tells him that he should stay as he himself won't be around much longer. This is another shock for Jennifer. Taking a cue that the two lovers need to talk, Morris has Garth show him around the apartment. She-Hulk asks Wyatt what he means, and he explains that he has duties with his tribe, the Keewazi, and that he must return to them. However, Wyatt says he loves her and they kiss. She-Hulk tells Wyatt to do what he needs to do but to come back.

When Morris returns he explains to Jennifer that he has decided to move to New York so he can be closer to his new love, Louise Mason. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and Morris goes to answer it. When he opens the door he sees an army of mechanized insects waiting for him. He quickly slams the door shut and tells Jennifer that these visitors are likely for her. When She-Hulk looks herself, she acts the insect horde if they can wait a minute. She then has Garth brace the door while she goes rooting through her closet of high tech weapons. Dressing up in camo gear and loading an impossibly large gun, She-Hulk then goes back to the door and blasts the insects waiting there. Suddenly, more appear on her patio and blasts them as well. Seeing an entire swarm on the street, She-Hulk dives down to deal with them.

Hearing all the commotion, Wyatt comes back to see what is happening. He finds Morris loading up with weapons and tells Wingfoot to suit up and help him. Outside, She-Hulk quickly runs out of ammunition, but she is soon joined by her father, Wyatt, and Garth who are loaded to the teeth with weapons. As the battle rages on, She-Hulk breaks away from the group to find out where all these insects are coming from. As she runs toward the source of the invaders, She-Hulk is being observed by three women who report to their boss that they have found the She-Hulk. Their employer tells them to keep watching and hope that Jennifer can make it out of this battle alive. Meanwhile, She-Hulk follows the train of destruction until she comes face-to-face with the massive leader of these insects. The creature quickly overpowers her and makes its way to Wyatt and the others. When they try blasting the creature, their weapons have no effect. However, She-Hulk recovers and comes back at the massive insectoid with two giant cans of bug spray. The insecticide works, causing the giant creature to collapse. She-Hulk then rips its mechanical head off revealing a tiny cockpit inside containing Scarlet Beetle.

She-Hulk demands to know why such a lame villain is attacking her and the Beetle explains that he needed the work, and none was coming unless Ant-Man was going to get a new series. As the Scarlet Beetle rants about making a name for himself, Morris rolls up a magazine and squashes him with it. Back in Jennifer's apartment, Wyatt finishes backing but She-Hulk tells him he isn't going anywhere. When he asks why, she takes him out into the living room where Marvel Comics editor Renee Witterstaetter and a bunch of Marvel movers are waiting. Renee explains that She-Hulk's title is being canceled so they're packing everything away. With some loose ends to tie up, they explain that the woman who was observing She-Hulk was Millie the Model who now runs her own fashion agency and that there was to be a plot about She-Hulk getting a modeling job. Jennifer goes on to explain that they had other story ideas as well, such as She-Hulk meeting Elvis.

With everything wrapping up, She-Hulk takes a moment to thank her readers for being there over the years, the creators who helped make her series a reality, particularly John Byrne who made it all happen. When she says goodbye, She-Hulk closes her apartment door which is in a sea of nothingness. One of the last Marvel movers picks up the door and walks away. His colleague tells him that they still have Deathlock, Darkhold and Moon Knight to pack up today as well.


Continuity Notes

  • The Scarlet Beetle states he probably wouldn't appear in another comic again unless Ant-Man got his own series. This is a reference to the fact that in his first appearance, the Scarlet Beetle fought the original Ant-Man as seen in Tales to Astonish #39.
  • Even though Renee Witterstaetter is a real life individual her appearance her is exempt from the topical reference rules of the Sliding Timescale. These rules are exempt when it comes to Marvel Comics creators who all exist in the Modern Age in their relative prime.

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