Quote1 I should have my own comic series. Quote2
-- Madcap

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  • Madcap's Bubble Gun


Synopsis for "Burn Out!"

She-Hulk wakes up to discover that her apartment looks totally different than the night before. Furious, she calls Bobbie Chase, the editor of her comic book to demand some answers. She learns that this is a fill-in issue that has a different creative team, hence the differences in her surrounding as well as her personal appearance and wardrobe. She discovers that the guest writer is British when she walks outside and she finds herself in the middle of London. Reading this month's adventure is the crazy Madcap, who decides that he is funnier than She-Hulk and that he should own the comic. When he tries to see how the comic book ends, every page turns is just scene after scene of him reading the same comic book so he decides to go out and prove that he is better at comedy than She-Hulk.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk is in the Central Park to get some ice cream, when Madcap finds her. He starts trying to attract people by doing some jokes and tricks, and even getting the people around him to join in on the "fun". However, Madcap has no sense of proportion and some of the kids end up putting themselves in danger. She-Hulk tries to save them but before she can do anything, Madcap uses his powers to make her go insane.

After fighting through the hallucinations brought on by Madcap, She-Hulk recovers her senses. She-Hulk confronts her foe and demands answers as to why he is doing this. Madcap explains that he believes that life is meaningless, and he subdues her again. While she is under his mind control, she starts to fight against a fake whale, and some after she recovers again. She-Hulk catches up with Madcap who uses his powers to enrage three boys and set them to attack her. She-Hulk subdues them the best she can and go after Madcap again. He then uses his powers to for Jennifer to eat garbage. While he's doing this, he tries to amuse some children by stabbing a knife through his head. However, the kids fail to see the humor in anything he is doing.

Snapping out of it again, She-Hulk begins beating on Madcap, but he quickly heals from his injuries. Seeing no point in continuing to try and fight Madcap, Jen decides to give up, but when Madcap says she must give him the book, she rips apart the page (with Madcap on it) into small pieces and drops it into a garbage can and burns it. After explaining that Madcap isn’t dead because he is just a drawing, she asks the artist to draw a new background. She soon finds herself back in Central Park again, where she is chased by a rhino that the artist cheekily drew into the scene.


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk notices the change in writers and artist at the start of this issue. This is is because of the abrupt departure of series writer/artist John Byrne. According to Byrne he was fired from the series over a disagreement over the direction of the series and the various plotting conflicts between Sensational She-Hulk and She-Hulk Ceremony #1-2.
  • When Madcap initially breaks the Fourth Wall, he mentions that he only made one appearance "that year", he is referring to his appearance in Power Pack #34.
  • She-Hulk mentions the time Madcap fought Captain America. She is referring to the events of Captain America #307 and 309. Madcap never encountered Captain America in those issues, though, but rather Nomad.

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