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Quote1.png It was only by necccesssity -- to sssave our mutual homesss -- that I deemed to join with you, Ka-Zar-- --but know that when next we meet, it will be asss enemiesss! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Deluge Conclusion: Inundated!"

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  • Unit 2 armor

Synopsis for "Deluge Conclusion: Inundated!"

Spider-Man, Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil have just learned that Roxxon is intentionally trying to flood the Savage Land. Upon this discovery they find themselves surrounded by the forces of Roxxon in the Savage Land. Compounding matters is the sudden arrival of Stegron the Dinosaur Man and an army of dinosaurs dead set on destroying all humans in the Savage Land. As Stegron orders the dinosaurs to kill them all, the Roxxon soldiers begin opening fire. Caught in the middle of this chaos, Spider-Man suggests that he, Ka-Zar and Shanna try and get everyone out of the area before the nearby dams burst and drown everyone. Although he is furious that these invaders would cause harm to his adopted home, Ka-Zar agrees. While he and Shanna deal with the Roxxon soldiers, Spider-Man tries to talk sense into Stegron. The two warriors of the Savage Land are assisted by the sudden arrival of Ka-Zar's faithful sabretooth tiger, Zabu. Meanwhile, the wall-crawler manages to get Stegron to stop fighting long enough to see the danger they are in. Seeing Ka-Zar fighting for the Savage Land is what it takes to convince Stegron to work together with his old enemy.

Just as things are starting to settle down, the Hulk comes smashing out of the ground, locked in battle with the chicken monster known as Chtylok. Seeing Chtylok as a threat, the wall-crawler convinces Stegron to command his army of dinosaurs into trying to subdue the chicken monster. Looking at the damage caused by the Hulk and Chtylok's arrival, Spider-Man starts getting some ideas on how to solve the current crisis and asks the Hulk to lend a hand as well. As short time later, Spider-Man, Ka-Zar, and Shanna arrive at the S.H.I.E.L.D./Roxxon observation tower looking for Doctor Gerald Roth, who has been secretly accelerating the melting the glaciers around the Savage Land so Roxxon could get past UN protections of the area and drill for oil. When Ka-Zar accuses Roth of this, he denies any prior knowledge but tries to justify drilling for oil since the Fall People have no use for the fossil fuels buried deep below the Savage Land. This angers Ka-Zar who grabs Roth by the throat and forces him to look at the people who will be victimized by Roxxon's greed. Hearing all of this is all Agent Chris Townsend needs to hear to order his S.H.I.E.L.D. officers to place Gerald Roth under arrest. Townsend then apologizes to Ka-Zar for what is happening and asks if there is anything that can be done to reverse the damage that has already been done. Ka-Zar explains that they have a plan, but if it will work or not are very slim.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Spider-Man leads the Hulk, Stegron and an army of dinosaurs to the various Roxxon transmission stations so that they can be destroyed. Confined to quarters, Doctor Roth manages to contact his handlers at Roxxon and inform them of how their plans for the Savage Land are falling apart. Unfortunately for Roth, the men in charge of this operation are protected by plausible deniability and are going to disavow any involvement in Roth's orders, leaving the scientist to face S.H.I.E.L.D. and the United Nations alone. Unwilling to take the blame for everything, Roth accesses the computers and begins activating the bombs that have been secretly planted on all the dams that were constructed to hold back the flood waters in the hopes of wiping the Savage Land off the map. Although the flood waters are unleashed upon the Savage Land, Ka-Zar and his allies have planned for this. Thanks to the Hulk and Chtylok have dug a massive hole in the middle of the Savage Land that allows the excess water a place to drain.

In the ensuing confusion, Agent Townsend discovers that Doctor Roth has managed to escape. Upon hearing this, Ka-Zar tells Chris to let Roth go. Sure enough, the Roxxon scientist ends up running into Chtylok, who dispenses justice for the land the creature has been charged to defend. In the aftermath of the battle, Stegron thanks Ka-Zar and Spider-Man for helping save the Savage Land, but warns that when they next meet they will be enemies. As they work to rebuild the village of the Fall People, the elder Mathal tells them that Chtylok has dispensed justice by consuming the man Roth and has returned to the caverns to return to his eternal rest.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Spider-Man and Ka-Zar team up to battle the unleashed forces of Roxxon for control of the Savage Land, the Dino-filled lost world that time forgot!
  • Plus: S.H.I.E.L.D. makes the scene, but whose side are they on?

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