Quote1 If the Technomancers have it, then that's bad news to begin with -- But if Osborn wants it, then that's enough to convince me that he just shouldn't have it! Quote2
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Norman Osborn has come to the Aleister Building, headquarters of the Technomancer Agency, where he meets with Hamilton Cromwell a Fifth Degree Maegis and a member of the organizations elite Dark Chamber. Osborn has come to discuss an ancient mystical artifact called the Rites of the Five. Cromwell explains that the rituals that are conducted with these artifacts channels powerful but dangerous magic. However, for the five different stones to tap into these mystical energies they require a spindle. However, the Spindle went missing in Istanbul sometime in the 12th century. That's when Norman Osborn reveals that he found it. Shocked, Cromwell asks to see the spindle and compares it to his own fragment of the Rites. He confirms the Spindle's authenticity and warns Osborn that to use the Rites of the Five is nothing short of insanity. When Norman offers to buy his fragment of the Rites, Hamilton refuses and orders his Neomancers to escort Osborn and his men from the building. On the way out, Greg Herd asks Norman what the point of this expedition was if Hamilton was not willing to sell. Osborn tells Greg not to worry as this was merely a reconnoitering mission.

A few blocks away, Spider-Man is heading home after taking a number of crime photos for the Daily Bugle. However, he has to stop when his spider-sense warns him of a crook that is about to rob someone using an ATM machine. Although the victim is a very muscular man, the thief has the advantage as he is carrying a gun. When Spider-Man uses his webbing to pull the weapon, the would-be victim tells Spider-Man that he can handle things from here and the web-slinger decides to leave the man to give the crook a beating. Back at the Parker home, Mary Jane is busy with her studies when her Aunt Anna tells her that she has a phone call. As it turns out, it's Mary Jane's old model Ryan Sawyer. Mary Jane is excited to hear from him and is interested to hear that he may have some new modeling work lined up for her. However, her mood is soured when Ryan asks how her new baby is doing. Mary Jane tells Sawyer that she will talk about it over lunch the next day and quickly ends her phone call and begins contemplating a return to modeling.[Continuity 1]

Back in the city, Spider-Man is still trying to head back home when he spots Overdrive running through the city. He isn't really interested in knowing what Norman Osborn's new errand boy is up to, but decides to look into it when he notices Overdrive breaking into the Technomancer building.[Continuity 2] Using his ability to negate all forms of technology, Overdrive is able to get past the security systems and armed guards in the building. However, before Overdrive can recover the section of the Rite of Five, Spider-Man snatches it away, knowing that whatever Norman Osborn wants it for would be nothing but trouble. However, Overdrive wants the fragment because it can help his wife Aura, whom he blames for being seriously injured during their previous attempt to capture him.[Continuity 3] However, Overdrive uses his powers to snatch the fragment from the wall-crawler and then tries to flee. The web-slinger attempts to chase after him but Overdrive reactivates the security systems.

However, the Neomancers corner him in a room with giant stasis vats containing monstrous creatures. Overdrive then uses his powers to free the creatures to slow up both the soldiers and the web-slinger. While Spider-Man is busy subduing the creatures, Overdrive manages to escape. Later, Overdrive hands over the fragment to Norman Osborn at his office. Instead of being paid, Greg petitions Norman to allow him to be involved in the mystical gathering Osborn is organizing. When Greg explains that he wants to try to use the ceremony to heal his wife, Norman decides to allow him to take Cromwell's place due to his selfless reasons. After Greg leaves, Norman is visited by one of his Scriers who tells his master that they succeeded in recovering the "package" from Alison Mongrane.[Continuity 4] Osborn is pleased that his plan is all coming together. When asking about the Mongraine woman, the Scrier explains that she has fled to France. At that very moment, in Paris, Alison Mongraine is trying to keep a low profile when she is found by Joe Robertson.

The Gathering of Five continues in Amazing Spider-Man #440...


Continuity Notes

The Gathering of Five
Sensational Spider-Man #32 Amazing Spider-Man #440 Spider-Man #96 The Spectacular Spider-Man #262 Sensational Spider-Man #33
  1. Mary Jane announced she was pregnant back in The Spectacular Spider-Man #220. Tragically, the child was stillborn after she was forced into early labor during the Revelations story arc.
    The Spectacular Spider-Man #240 Sensational Spider-Man #11 Amazing Spider-Man #418 Spider-Man #75 Spider-Man: Revelations #1 Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal #1
  2. Overdrive began working with Norman Osborn in The Spectacular Spider-Man #255. Peter is familiar with the Technomancer building after he visited in Sensational Spider-Man #22-23.
  3. Aura was seriously hurt when a bullet was trapped in her force field with her inside in Sensational Spider-Man #25.
  4. This package was collected from Mongraine in Amazing Spider-Man #434. The contents of this package is revealed during the Final Chapter story arc.
    The Final Chapter
    Amazing Spider-Man #441 Spider-Man #97 The Spectacular Spider-Man #263 Spider-Man #98

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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