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Quote1.png Because everyone's picking sides, everyone's being recruited, but... that's not your style, I know. You're your own woman. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Deadly Foes of Peter Parker, Part 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "The Deadly Foes of Peter Parker, Part 1 of 3"

Now that Spider-Man's identity is public, Chameleon creates a team to attack Peter Parker, and forces Molten to join him by threatening to harm his nephew. Peter is attacked by the Scarecrow and Will O'Wisp, but he manages to defeat them easily thanks to his new costume, unaware that MJ is also in the sights. Peter's ex-girlfriend Felicia Hardy is angry and hurt that the spider has revealed her identity to the world, because it seems to her that this has debased their relationship.

Solicit Synopsis

  • After the extraordinary events of CIVIL WAR, the heroes and their families try to cope with the remarkable changes in the Marvel Universe.
  • Now, one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most insidious foes--the Chameleon--decides to make his move against the wall-crawler!
  • His first step: gathering a new super-team of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes and striking him where he is most vulnerable...

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