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Quote1.png --I'm just your bad-girl ex-girlfriend, so what does it matter? I think we've gone a little deeper than that, haven't we? I think we owe each other a little more respect than that, don't we? A phone call, an e-mail -- would that have killed you? Quote2.png
Black Cat

Appearing in "The Deadly Foes of Peter Parker, Part 2 of 3"

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Synopsis for "The Deadly Foes of Peter Parker, Part 2 of 3"

Spider-Man fights Electro at the Whitney Museum of Art and defeats him with the Iron Spider costume using Electro's own powers against him and creating feedback. Then Mary Jane faces Swarm while at rehearsals for Macbeth at the Soho Playhouse. Peter asks the Black Cat for help in handling the situation when Liz Allen is forced to lure him into a trap by the Exterminators. Peter rushes to his ex-classmate's house convinced that Normie is in danger, while the Chameleon passes Peter off as a trap for Aunt May.

Solicit Synopsis

Against his wishes, the Molten Man has joined the Chameleon’s efforts to bring down Spider-Man once and for all.

  • Meanwhile, as Spidey reels from his battle with shockmeister Electro, the theatre where Mary Jane is rehearsing a play is under a swarm of deadly bees!
  • Just how many deadly foes has the Chameleon enlisted to destroy Peter Parker’s life?

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