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Quote1.png All those women you mentioned... you, Jessica, Storm... you're all super-powered. I don't have that to lean on. Quote2.png
-- MJ

Appearing in "The Husband or the Spider?"

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Synopsis for "The Husband or the Spider?"

The imbalances brought to life by the Civil War have brought Mary Jane to the breaking point. The fact that she is now known only to be Spider-Man's wife burns them, and loses engagements because the producers are afraid that Spidey's enemies may attack her while she is acting at the theater. The redhead begins to think about running away from New York, and goes to lunch with Sue Richards to let off steam. Returning home, she finds Peter in a lake of blood, covered with wounds.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Through thick and thin, for better or for worse, Mary Jane Watson-Parker has always stood by her man’s side, supporting him in all his decisions.
  • But as Peter’s latest choices have cost him and his family plenty—perhaps too much—has MJ finally reached the breaking point?


This issue contains a flashback panel to Amazing Spider-Man #257 (Oct. 1984), in which Mary Jane reveals she knew Peter was Spider-Man long before they were married. The scene is shown from a different angle but with the same dialogue.

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