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Quote1.png No matter how much we try to protect him, those things are gonna happen. But that's okay, and I'll tell you why: each time it happens, Peter'll toughen up some. Get stronger. Make sense? Quote2.png
Uncle Ben

Appearing in "Wounds"

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  • Ben's car (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Wounds"

May thinks back to when she and Ben were forced to adopt Peter, and how she was afraid of not being up to the situation, and how her life changed over time. While curing her injured nephew after an attack by Rhino, it also comes back to her mind when she hurt herself as a child, due to the recklessness of her friend Tommy Monks. Meanwhile Felicia sees on the news what Rhino has done to her ex-boyfriend, and decides to intervene.

Solicit Synopsis

  • She wiped his nose when he was a little boy and cleaned his cuts and scrapes whenever he got hurt...
  • In the hour of their greatest tragedy, the death of Ben Parker, she was his rock, and he was hers...
  • She is May Parker, aunt of Peter Parker, the Sensational Spider-man...
  • After her nephew suffers a terrible beating at the hands of one of his most brutal foes, it’s up to her to take care of him...
  • But with the whole world seemingly against them, how long can she bear to see someone she loves in so much pain and anguish?

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