Quote1 ...thank you, Spider--Peter-- whatever you want to call yourself. For taking your mask off and reminding me...'s never too late to figure out who you really are. Quote2
-- Felicia

Appearing in "Nothing Can Stop the Rhino"

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  • Felicia's bike

Synopsis for "Nothing Can Stop the Rhino"

After having a quick conversation with Mary Jane and May, Black Cat goes looking for the Rhino. Finding a drunken Rhino being taunted by sailors, Black Cat manages to calm down the Rhino and send him home.

Solicit Synopsis

While Spider-Man bounces back from the brutal beating he received at the hands of the Rhino, the Black Cat takes it upon herself to deliver a little payback.

  • Of course, since he outweighs her by a few tons, Felicia Hardy might need some help. Calling...the Puma!

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