Built by Bolivar Trask. He had originally worked alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., only to find them too 'short sighted' for his liking, but did spend enough time there to learn of the existence of mutants. Developing the Sentinels independently, he managed to have his men capture Wolverine in order to pit against the Sentinel Prototype. After soundly defeating Logan, the Sentinel was shutdown for analysis while Logan was given time to recover for a second bout.

When Trask saw a live feed of the X-Men and Brotherhood battling Magneto's Acolytes, he demanded the Sentinel be reactivated. Playing right into Magneto's hands, once the Sentinel was online, he used his powers to raise the platform where it was standing to surface level, displaying the battle to the world. In it's second outing, the Sentinel seemed to be equipped with a different array of weaponry, chasing down the mutants who stood in its path.

However, while formidable, the Sentinel did not stand up to prolonged combat against so many foes of varied ability, ultimately, through a combine barrage from Xavier's X-Copter and Magneto turning its own rockets back on it, the Sentinel fell, exploding violently.

Later, with the rise of Apocalypse, Trask was released into the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D., his Sentinels being rebuilt and mass produced. When they are seen again, three are being sent to confront one of Apocalypse's base at the Sphinx in Egypt. While initially possessing the advantage in fire power, Apocalypse overtakes one of the Sentinels, turning it on its brethren. However, this was revealed to merely be a ploy by Nick Fury, having sent several more Sentinels to each of the three domes in order to try and breach them, stopping Apocalypse's plan.

This effort proved ultimately fruitless as Apocalypse sent his Horsemen to destroy the Sentinels and guard the pyramids in his place, so while the Domes were breached, the Sentinels were taken down before they could take control of the structures within.

Magneto would later use his powers to reconstruct one of the Sentinels he destroyed in order to fight against the mutant team sent to fight him.

As the mutant teams fought the Horsemen, S.H.I.E.L.D. sent its last three sentinels into the upper atmosphere to strike at the pyramids. Destroying several relay points, this strategy had some success, but Apocalypse soon caught on, sending Magneto to destroy the remaining Sentinels and leave his own base plate undefended for a short time.


Superhuman Strength: The Sentinel, by merit of its vast size, possesses immense physical strength.


Not the most intelligent of machines and kind of slow on foot.


On-board Mutant Detection System: The Sentinel can distinguish any target it is currently focused on as mutant or non-mutant as well as read their life signs.

Booster Jets: The Sentinel possessed thrusters in its shins, ribs and back which allowed it to propel itself through the air.


Chest Mounted Laser Array: Three lens-like structures arranged in a triangle at the centre of the Sentinel's chest, together they can unleash a beam of blue energy (Purple in its second deployment).

Chest Mounted Rocket Pods: Usually hidden from sight, when the Sentinel expands its chest it reveals a total of six rocket pods arranged in two triangles around its core with three on each side. In its second deployment against the combined forces of the X-Men and Brotherhood, these were seemingly replaced with a battery of laser cannons.

Shoulder Mounted Rocket Pods: In its second deployment, the Sentinel displayed a second battery of rockets mounted on its shoulders in two vertical lines. These rockets seemed to have a tracking function, initially launching upward before changing course to home in on their target.

Right Arm Mounted Laser Cannons: Much like its previous armaments, during its second battle the Sentinel displayed blasts of purple energy from the red, finger-like structures on its right arm.

Left Arm Mounted Stasis Gel Launcher: The Sentinel's left arm contained a large firearm designed to fire globs of green stasis gel which would quickly harden on contact with a body, freezing them in place whilst seemingly keeping them alive.

Atomic Sub-Divider Flak Cannon: A new weapon equipped to the mass produced Sentinels. Mounted in the arms, their primary purpose was to breach Apocalypse's domes.

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