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Sentinel 17 was one of the Sentinels Mk I created by Bolivar Trask to track down and eliminate the mutants, and one of the first Sentinels encountered by the X-Men, who didn't attack them but instead toured them into the Sentinels fortress, as his programming wasn't complete for him to expect visit from other mutants.

As the mutants stopped following it after some time, it attacked them but was quickly countered by the mutants, and taken down by Jean Grey.[1]

Rampaging in streets of Iran


It was stored for years, and after the incident at the U.N. involving Quentin Quire, an Iranian leader presented a rusty Sentinel 17 as the creation of the greatest scientists of Iran and intended to unleash it to fight mutants, but first didn't operated. Then, 17 activated and gone wild in the streets, wounding, destroying and killing.

The X-Men intervened, Rogue destroying the Sentinels, and she and Kitty Pryde mocked the anti-mutant protester and their leader for the situation irony and for the fact that they felt insulted to be saved by women, Pryde precising that she was also Jewish as a final strike.[2]

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