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Wolverine, Shadowcat and Forge went to a Sentinel factory to find some intel on stopping Master Mold later in time on orders from Professor X in his time, but Wolverine was captured and they extrapolated his healing ability, putting it into the Sentinel Hounds. Luckily, this did not remove Wolverine's healing ability. [citation needed]

Professor X and a handful of other mutants ran into these Sentinels several times in the future.

Powers and Abilities


Healing: The Sentinel Hounds are self repairing when they are damaged the speed of it would depend on how much damage that unit has taken. They can repair with in seconds of being damaged and go on tracking/attacking the X-Men.

Superhuman Stamina: Being robots they do not produce any fatigue toxins; so they can go for many years before they would have to stop if at all.

Superhuman Strength: Being robots they can lift a lot of weight it is unknown how much they can but it probably between 800 lbs and 1 ton of weight.

Superhuman Speed: Due to their strength in their legs, they can run at speed the surpass that of the finest human athlete and can do so for as long as they would like to.

Superhuman Durability: Due to their metal skin, they are capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, punches from the average human and resistant to those who have super strength, they are also resistant to some energy attacks but are not immune to them as shown when they where crushed by Magneto daughter.

Laser claws: These look like Wolverine's claws, but they are not made of adamantium so they would not be as strong. However, they are still able to cut through most things such as brick wall's and most metal structures.

Immunity to All Earth-Based Diseases and Viruses: Not being biological beings, they can not get sick or be hurt by any viruses that can hurt humans. As well as any radiation or low air levels as well due to the fact they do not have to breathe.


Very good mutant hunters can track many mutants

Average Strength level

800 lbs and 1 ton (est)


As metal constructs and using electronic components, they are vulnerable to magnetic powers.


Habitat: Earth
Gravity: Same as earth
Atmosphere: Same as earth
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Hive mind
Level of Technology: Unknown
Cultural Traits: Have a hive mind and follow orders from Master Mold
Representatives: Master Mold

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