In 1973, Mystique assassinated Bolivar Trask but is captured by William Stryker soon after. Trask then became a martyr as development of the Sentinels was implemented. Using Mystique and Rogue's DNA, the Sentinels evolved to adapt and counter any mutant ability.

Fifty years later, the world had become dystopic, laid to ruin by the Sentinels who oppress mutants as well as humans who harbor the genes that lead to mutant offspring. The "worst of the worst" of humanity rules the world, while mutants are either imprisoned or killed along with the humans who sided with them. The only resistance laid with the Free Mutants, who were able to evade the Sentinels through the use of Kitty Pryde sending Bishop's mind back in time during each attack so the mutants would avoid the places where they would be ambushed.

Eventually, the Sentinels cornered the mutants at a monastery in China, where Kitty was in the process of sending Wolverine's mind back to 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Trask. One by one the X-Men were killed until only Kitty, Wolverine, Magneto and Professor X were left standing. But back in the alternate 1973, Mystique chooses not to kill Trask, thus causing the Sentinel-dominated future to be erased.[1]

Powers and Abilities

The Sentinel Mk X is made up of synthetic skin and their bodies were not made-up of metal.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Sentinel Mark X possesses immense physical strength. Able to overpower mutants such as Colossus with minimal effort.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Sentinel Mark X can sustain fatal damages and attacks.
  • Laser Blasts: It is one of the Sentinel's main offensive weapons. To do this, they open the front of their heads to reveal an orb of energy that can fire extremely-potent and sustained, energy blasts, capable of melting through anything.
  • Shapeshifting: Sentinels can alter their bodies to fit a variety of purposes. They can alter the shape of their arms into extremely sharped claws or blades.
  • Power Mimicry: Due to their adaptive abilities, the Sentinels are able to use the powers of other mutants. They are also capable of sharing newly-copied powers and abilities with other Sentinels.


Despite the fact that the Sentinels can adapt to any threat, they are vulnerable to damage, because Mystique's shapeshifting abilities neither granted her any healing powers nor the ability to produce adamantium (this is seen when a group of Sentinels are obliterated by the X-Jet's explosion), therefore, making it extremely difficult to harm someone of Wolverine's caliber.

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