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After the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assassinated Senator Robert Kelly, anti-mutant hysteria grew and an extreme candidate was elected President. This President freed the Sentinels, giving them the open order to permanently eliminate the mutant "threat".

The Sentinels reacted by taking control of the United States and all of North America, and killing or capturing virtually all of the super humans, be it mutants or not. Captured mutants were kept in concentration camps known as "mutant internment centers".

The self-replicating Sentinels developed the new model, the Omega series, designed specially to hunt and kill super-human mutants. They share the most threatening feature of Mark II, a learning program.

Later, the Omega Sentinels, absolute kings of the land, developed a more advanced Sentinel: Nimrod. The prototype of this project managed to go to Earth-616.

Powers and Abilities


  • Darts: Omega Sentinels carry ten steel javelin-like darts on the trunk that can be thrown to pierce an opponent.
  • Electric Isolation: Omega Sentinels are specially protected against electric attacks.
  • Encephalo-Scanner: At least some of the Omega Sentinels ("Executive type") are equipped with an scanner to read brainwaves of a target and determine if it is saying the truth. This device is not infallible.
  • Energy Blast: The Mark I had an amount of different blasts, including but not reducing to plasm, electrons, stunners and heat, that could be shot from their chests. They were also armed with a disintegrator only working with inorganic matter.
  • Flight using jets
  • Learning Program: A special learning program allows a particular Mk IV a certain advantage when fighting an enemy, but only after at least some seconds of analysis. These data can be stored for future uses against the same enemy, so that any Sentinel from any model can access to the information. Any needed modification would take at least one week. In the 21st century, all known mutants, living or dead, are filed.
  • Mutant Detection: The Sentinels constantly scanned all the living beings in the immediate surrounding area and were able to determine if they were humans or mutants. The "immediate area" covers up to ten miles.
  • Robot: Due to its nature, the sentinels were protected by the sheer strenght of the hull. They could not be affected by emotional or mental attacks, nor by illusions. However, they were susceptible to attacks affecting machinery.


Computers, Electronics Engineering and Genetics.

Physical Strength

Omega Sentinels are able to lift up to 70 tons.



Incorporated in the design.


Jets in their feet/boots.


  • The Mk I Sentinels were programmed to protect humanity from mutants, but their programming was completely open as for how they could do that. Thus, they could damage or kill humans to capture mutants.

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