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In contrast to earlier Sentinels, these are piloted suits used by the Office of National Emergency's Sentinel Squad O*N*E. They were designed by Tony Stark to have various specialist designs, and are far larger than previous mass-produced Sentinel models.

In additional to the standard suit, there are several special models: Brawler Sentinel, Stealth Sentinel, Recon Sentinel, and Torch Sentinel.

The newest models are War Machine, Megaton, Ogre, Crazy Train, and Shrapnel.


The armor is constructed of a unique mix of steel and fiberglass based on a formula developed by Mister Fantastic.

The hands can fire pulsar beams. Other blasters are mounted in the eye and chest area. Sonics and missiles can also be deployed.

Nonlethal weapons such as nets and smoke bombs are also usable.

The Brawler has additional Adamantium plating and enhanced strength for close-quarters combat.

The Torch/Ballistic has powerful flamethrowers and an attachable shoulder cannon.

The Recon possesses a more sophisticated sensory suite as well as access to several public and private databases. It is able to monitor the squad and pilot's functions as well as track several targets simultaneously.

The Stealth model is able to cloak via a special LCD design.

Like previous models, the Sentinels can counteract powers of their foes.

The newest models are psi-shielded.[1]

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