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Synopsis for "Salvage - Part 3"

While Chris Seyfert works on a project in the family, his brother Juston enters, looking for a socket. Chris gives his brother the socket and Juston gets angry that Chris cannot put his stuff away. Curious, Chris asks Juston what he is working on, and Juston replies with another sarcastic response. Chris asks Juston if they could play battlebots that night, and Juston replies that he does not have enough time.

Juston goes to the old shed and meets his "project", a large robot he salvaged from the family junkyard. Juston complains about his whiny brother and the school bullies, Josh and Greg. After Juston makes more repairs to the robot (by the robot's own instructions), the test fires a palm-mounted blaster on a nearby, much to Juston's horror. He takes away the robot's spark plugs once the robot refuses to tell him what it was built for.

As Juston tries to cover the hole in the wall with some old refrigerators, his father tells him that he is worried about him as he no longer hangs out with anyone and stays out of the house. Juston snaps at his father, telling him to mind his own business. Juston's father chastises him for copping an attitude.

The next day at Antigo Senior High, Juston does a "Gooble" search for robot giant weapons and finds a news report about the mutant-hunting Sentinels. Juston's friend, Alex, interrupts his search with the news that he had just asked Shelly out on a date, encouraging him to ask Jessie out.

Juston and Jessie hang out together during lunch and she decides to show him the classes closet room. While Juston looks through all the equipment, he asks Jessie what she would do if she found a suitcase full of money, and she replies that she would either leave it or turn it in. Juston tries asking her out to the dance, but she says she is going to Madison this weekend to see her boyfriend, Brad.

After an uneasy day at school, Juston goes back to the old shed and shows the robot the news reports of Sentinel attacks. However, he takes the spark plugs out of his pocket and offers it to the Sentinel.


  • The text on the news reports that Juston shows to his Sentinel actually come from George W. Bush's Presidential Radio Address on April 19, 2003.

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