Because Forge was unsatisfied with the protection offered by the Sentinel Squad O*N*E, Forge began work on a new "Sentinel X" to protect mutantkind.[1] Nimrod, being badly damaged, blacked-mailed Forge for repairs with threats of killing Storm. With the X-Men away on a mission, the New X-Men were the only ones available to hear and respond to Forge's distress signal. To delay Nimrod, Forge suggested him download himself into Sentinel X instead of repairing his old body.[2] Once inside Sentinel X, Nimrod's programming was suppressed. Not realizing this, when the New X-Men arrived at Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas they damaged Sentinel X enough for Nimrod to override the programming and reformat his body.[3] They were unable to defeat Nimrod until David and Forge figured out a way to stop him by overflowing his power core. Surge, Mercury and X-23 accomplished this and managed to send Nimrod back in time.


Sentinel X is a highly advanced robot, and as such all his powers are functions of his inbuilt systems. The full range of his powers are unknown. Damage to Sentinel X's armor and systems can be automatically repaired to an unknown extent. He has direct control over all parts of his structure, perhaps to the molecular level. An extension of this power is the rearrangement of internal parts to better use his functions and weapons.

Strength level

Unknown, possibly Class 100.

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