Sentinel Models

Alternate Realities

Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

Sentinels (Earth-295) from Amazing X-Men Vol 1 1 0001.jpg

The Sentinels on Earth-295 were constructed by Bolivar Trask, a member of the Human High Council to defend humanity from the threat of Apocalypse. Early prototypes were manufactured in Africa and were sent to defend Wakanda from Apocalypse's genetic culling, leading to a clash with the X-Men in the process.[1] This model of Sentinel was human-sized and armed with palm-mounted blasters and rocket boots.

These human-sized models were later phased out for giant humanoid robots armed with laser cannons in their heads, and the ability to fire their gauntlets like rockets. They also contained rocket boots that allowed for flight. They acted as the primary defender of the Eurasian human settlements. They had a patrol route that circled the entire European continent and the northeastern region of Africa. Manufacturing plants where these Sentinels were created were speculated (though unconfirmed) to be located both at Muir Island, Scotland and the German colonies.[2]

A squad of Sentinels were dispatched by the Human High Council to perform a massive evacuation of remaining humans in North America. With the aid of Weapon X and Jean Grey, the Sentinels would breach Apocalypse's sea-wall defense perimeter.[3] Arriving on the shores of America, a squad of X-Men would be there to aid with the evacuation process, despite some interference by brought on by the Brotherhood of Chaos.[4] Their mission would be a success although they would unknowingly smuggle Copycat, Box and the Reavers into Europe.[5]

Following the downfall of Apocalypse,[6] the Sentinels were used by Weapon X in his quest to cull the human race, then used after his own fall by the Human Council.[7]

Earth-691 (Guardians of the Galaxy 31st Century/War of Worlds)

Sentinels (Earth-691) from Galactic Guardians Vol 1 1 0001.jpg

After killing many heroes and villains, these Sentinels were destroyed by Namor.[citation needed]

Earth-811 (Days of Future Past)

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 142.jpg

In Earth-811, the Omega Class Sentinels were the robotic controllers of the United States of America. Sentinel Mk VI was the previous model, and Nimrod was following the model. They were self-replicating robotic "overseers" of Earth and Mutant hunters. They were originally born in the Baxter Building, New York City, New York, Earth-811, and also other construction centers throughout the United States of Earth-811.

In the alternate reality of Earth-811 ("Days of Future Past"), the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assassinated Senator Robert Kelly. As a result, anti-mutant hysteria grew and an extreme candidate was elected President. This President freed the Sentinels, giving them the open order to permanently eliminate the mutant "threat."

The Sentinels reacted by taking control of the United States and all of North America, and killing or capturing virtually all of the super humans, be they mutants or not. Captured mutants were kept in concentration camps known as "mutant internment centers."

The self-replicating Sentinels developed a new model, the Omega series, designed specifically to hunt and kill superhuman mutants. They share the most threatening feature of the Mark IIs, a learning program.

The Omega Sentinels, absolute kings of the land, later developed an even more advanced Sentinel: Nimrod. The prototype of this project managed to go to Earth-616.[8]

Powers included:

  • Darts: Omega Sentinels carried ten steel javelin-like darts on their trunks that could be thrown to pierce an opponent.
  • Electric Isolation: Omega Sentinels were specially protected and insulated against electrical attacks.
  • Encephalo-Scanner: At least some of the Omega Sentinels ("Executive type") were equipped with an scanner to read brainwaves of a target and determine if the target was being truthful. This device was not infallible.
  • Energy Blasts: The Mark I Sentinels had a variety of different blasts that could be shot from their chests, including plasma, electron, stun, and heat blasts. They were also armed with a disintegrator, although it only worked with inorganic matter.
  • Flight: Jets were used to stay aloft.
  • Learning Program: A special learning program allowed an individual Mark IV to attain certain advantages when fighting an enemy, but only after some seconds of analysis. This data could be stored for future uses against the same enemy, so that any model Sentinel could then access the information. Any needed modification would take at least one week. In the 21st century, all known mutants, living or dead, were filed in the program's database.
  • Mutant Detection: The Sentinels constantly scanned all the living beings in the immediate surrounding area and were able to determine if they were humans or mutants. The "immediate area" covered up to ten miles.
  • Robot: Due to their construction and fabrication materials, the Sentinels were protected by the sheer strength of their hulls. They could not be affected by emotional or mental attacks, nor by illusions, due to their robotic natures. However, they were susceptible to attacks affecting machinery.

Omega Sentinels were able to lift up to 70 tons.[citation needed]

The Mark I Sentinels were programmed to protect humanity from mutants, but their programming was completely open as for how they could accomplish this task. Thus, they could damage or kill humans to capture mutants.[citation needed]

Earth-889 (Pre-digital Era)

Sentinel (Earth-889) from Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes Vol 1 1 001.png

After the Zeppelin accident[9] in which the confrontation between the alternate reality invasion scout Agent X-13 and Mr. Logan of the X-Society ended in a catastrophic explosion and the death of numerous civilians, the mutants accused to be responsible for the event were subsequently disowned and assigned to residence by the authorities, and threatened by mechanical men called Sentinels.[9]

Earth-928 (2099 A.D.)

Sentinels (Earth-928) Doom 2099 Vol 1 25.jpg

During the fight between Victor von Doom and Erik Czerny traveling in time they found themselves in a time period where they observed the death of Wolverine by a Sentinel[10].



On Earth-1191, the Sentinels would take over the world much as they did on Earth-811, however this reality's mutants would eventually fight back and free themselves from slavery. Trevor Fitzroy would bring some of these Sentinels with him when he traveled back to present day Earth-616, where they would be used as part of his "game" with the Upstarts to slay Donald Pierce and the Reavers.[11] One such Sentinel would be damaged and become inundated with the bio-mechanical fluid that Pierce used to create his cyborgs and androids. When accidentally reactivated by Wolverine and Jubilee, this Sentinel would find that it had gained sentience and re-christen itself 3.14159. It would attempt to eradicate the Earth to make room for Sentinels to be the dominant life form on the planet and would reactivate Larry Trask's Mark II Sentinels to accomplish this goal. It would later scrap this plan while witnessing human compassion when battling Logan and Jubilee, and decided to try to understand and alter Sentinel programming to be able to articulate and express human compassion. This process, according to 3.14159 would take over 2137 years.[12]


Sentinels (Earth-1298).jpg

In Mutant X, the Sentinels are still depicted as mutant hunters. They are the primary enemies of the Six.[13]

Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

Sentinels (Earth-1610) from Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 1 001.jpg

In Ultimate X-Men, the Sentinels, created by Bolivar Trask, were hunting down and killing mutants on the streets.[14]

Earth-2301 (Mangaverse)

Sentinels (Earth-1298).jpg

Sentinels were flown by humans under the orders of Clan Yashida to capture/kill mutants. Among its pilots was Forge.[13]


Sentinels and David Richards (Earth-2600) from Exiles Vol 1 12 0001.jpg

Functioning on a world where almost all of the mutants had been eliminated, these Sentinels weren't as formidable as some from other universes, and the Exiles enjoyed kicking the tar out of them alongside Weapon X.[15]


Sentinels (Earth-2992).jpg

The Sentinels of this alternative future patrol the streets of New York at night after they had decimated the heroes and mutants during the battle of the Baxter Building.[citation needed]


Sentinels (Earth-5631) Wolverine and Power Pack Vol 1 2.jpg

While the young superhero team Power Pack was visiting Xaviers institute (having been invited there by Wolverine), these Sentinels attacked the school. According to Wolverine, these Sentinels were an older model, however that didn’t make them any less dangerous.

While the X-Men tried to fight them off, Power Pack was ordered to stay out of the fight. The kids changed their minds however when they realized the Sentinels did not see them as a threat since they were not mutants, and exploited this to launch a surprise attack against the giant robots, defeating them all.

It remains unknown who was behind this Sentinal attack.[citation needed]


Sentinels (Earth-5700) Weapon X Days of Future Now Vol 1 1.jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-7642 (Crossoverse)

Sentinels (Earth-7642) from Cyberforce X-Men Vol 1 1 001.jpg

The Sentinels were stationed in Japan, where they captured Ripclaw and Cyblade. The couple was released by Wolverine and Psylocke and together the four heroes fought the Sentinels.[16]

Later, the sentinels merged with the daemonites. They used their combined powers to take over the United States of America.[17]


Sentienls (Earth-7964) from X-Men Legends 0001.jpg

The Sentinels are shown assisting with the evacuation after Apocalypse devastates New York City. Bastion later turns them on the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. After Bastion is defeated, the Sentinels resume their evacuation duties. In this universe most sentinels exist Mark I (blue and pink color scheme), Mark II (gray and blue color scheme), and Mark III (inverted Mark I color scheme) varieties. [citation needed]



[citation needed]

Earth-8107 (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends)

Sentinels, Angelica Jones (Earth-8107), and Warren Worthington III (Earth-8107) from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Season 2 3 001.jpg

In the past, Professor X pitted the X-Men, including Firestar, against a Sentinel in the Danger Room.[18]



[citation needed]


Sentimentals (Earth-9047) from What The-- Vol 1 25.jpg
On Earth-9047, during the 1960s, the villain Magneeto built the robotic giants Sentimentals to send them against the X-People after Magneeto's team, the Broterhood of Evil Mutants, repeatedly failed to defeat the X-People. The Sentimentals were unable to find the X-People at Greenwich Village because at that point the locals -hippies and such- were so weird that mutants could move around undetected.[19]

[citation needed]


William Magnus (Earth-9602), Jocasta (Earth-9602), and Sentinels from JLX Vol 1 1 001.jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-9997 (Earth X)

Sentinels (Earth-9997) Earth X Vol 1 ½.jpg

The past history of the Sentinels is similar to that of their Earth-616 counterparts. In recent history, when humanity began to mutate due to the Terrigen Mists, the governments of the world did not know the cause and assumed that mutation was a communicable disease being spread by mutants. In order to try and stave off what the governments believed to be the cause of the infection, mutants and those who were "infected" were placed in internment camps.[citation needed]

Earth-10005 (X-Men Cinematic Universe)

Sentinel 03.jpg

While infiltrating the headquarters of Project: Wideawake to find his old teammate John Wraith, Wolverine encountered two full-sized Sentinels, destroying a half-finished Sentinel with a Sentinel hand-weapon and defeating the other one in a prolonged confrontation.[20]

Sentinels were part of William Stryker's back-up plan if his plan to eliminate all mutants with the Dark Cerebro failed. Stryker would have mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels to track down and kill all mutants they could find.[21]


Sentinel (Earth-11052).jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-12041 Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel's Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Sentinel (Earth-12041) 001.png

The Sentinels are enemies of the X-Men and a copy of them created by Arcade fought with Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine.[22]

Earth-10724 (X-Campus)

Sentinels (Earth-10724) 0001.jpg

Humans are captured and turned into cyborgs by Bolivar Trask, and are meant to be utilized to destroy mutants. The humans are eventually freed of the cyborg parts and returned to normal after Trask's defeat.[citation needed]


Sentinels from Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine Vol 1 1 001.jpg

One Sentinel was seen destroyed by Colossus and Wolverine.[23]

Earth-11326 (Age of X)

Exonim Sentinel.jpg

In Age of X, Exonim Sentinels (often called Exonims) were developed to eradicate the mutant population after The Phoenix killed more than 600,000 people in Albany, New York.[24]

Earth-12131 (Avengers Alliance)

Sentinels from Marvel Avengers Alliance 0001.png

After the Sentinels attacked the Avengers Mansion, Tony Stark discovered who was controlling them was apparently Crimson Dynamo. But after defeating him, the heroes realized Crimson Dynamo's armor was also being controlled, by an unknown party.[25]



[citation needed]


Sentinels (Earth-14042) from Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers Season 1 17 0001.png

Years ago, before Mutant rights were officially acknowledged and protected by law, the Sentinels were built by a human scientist with the sole purpose of hunting down and capturing mutants. Due to the Sentinels, dozens of Mutants who never committed a crime were imprisoned in concentration camps.[26]

When Wolverine tells Akira and his friends about the Sentinels, it turns out none of them have ever heard of these robots since these events happened before any of them were born. Presumably, the Sentinels have been outlawed now that mutant rights are protected, but the memories of them and what they did still plague the mutant population.[26] Wolverine in particular distrusts Tony Stark’s invention, the DISKs, because of his history with the Sentinels, fearing that the DISKs will become the next generation of mutant hunting tools.[26]

When the X-Men and the Avengers' Partners travel to Jotunheim to attack Loki's palace, they discover that Loki somehow got hold of 3 Sentinels, and uses them as guards. The X-Men try to fight them off, but the Sentinels prove resistant to all their attacks. Even Noriko's electrical powers cannot harm them. The team is saved however by none other than their old enemy Magneto, who easily crushes all three Sentinels.[27]


Sentinels from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 2 10 001.jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-16111 (Home of Disembodied Xavier Head)

Sentinels (Earth-16111) from X-Treme X-Men Vol 2 5 0001.jpg

After Charles Xavier discovered the X-Gene, he recruited and trained a group of bright young mutants as role models, ambassadors, and entertainers. The world loved them until one night when they were attacked and killed by a group of Human-Sentinels. In a moment of anguish and rage, Xavier used his abilities to kill the humans responsible.[28]

Earth-18236 (Spider-Man and his lifespan extended)

Sentinels from Spider-Man Deadpool Vol 1 26 001.jpg

A Sentinel's head was present in Deadpool's room.[29]

Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures)

Sentinels (Earth-20051) Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 4.jpg

[citation needed].

Earth-21993 (Magneto Took Over the USA)

Sentinels (Earth-21993) What If Vol 2 47 0001.jpg

The US Government would unleash the Sentinels in response to Magneto taking over the United States. The Sentinels would hunt down and kill or capture mutants and those super-humans that would harbor them[30].



[citation needed]


Sentinel Model COTA-94 (Earth-30847) from Marvel vs. Capcom 2- New Age of Heroes 001.jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-58163 (House of M)

Sentinels from House of M Vol 1 4 0001.jpg

Originally built by Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels were mutant hunting robots designed to round up the mutant populace and place them in internment camps and battle the growing number of mutant dissidents (most notably Magneto). Riding the wave of anti-mutant hysteria, Bolivar Trask eventually ascended to the office of Vice-President, and the Sentinels took a more active role in policing America's mutants.

After the Human-Mutant war, Magneto reprogrammed the Sentinels that were used against mutants to be his personal enforcers of the laws of the House of Magnus around the globe.

They ended up persecuting humans in the same way they originally persecuted the mutants.[31]

Earth-81122 (Ultimate Universe Alternate Future)

Earth-81122 from Ultimate X-Men Fantastic Four Vol 1 1 002.jpg

When Sue Storm became a despot that was driven to rid the world of mutants and people with super powers, she somehow captured Wolverine and connected him to a central nervous system for Sentinels, making them look, act, and exhibit similar hunting skills as he did. These Sentinels were shut down, presumably for good, when the Wolverine of the past found and killed Logan in an act of mercy.[32][33]

Earth-90631 (X-Men are Evil)

Sentinels (Earth-90631) Exiles Vol 2 2.jpg

The anti-mutant government front managed to find the funds for the program Sentinels and one of them managed to kill Charles Xavier[34].


Sentinels from Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 16 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


Sentinels from X-Men The Animated Series Season 1 1 0001.jpg

[citation needed]

Earth-94831 (Mutant Extinction)

Exiles Vol 1 39 page 11 Sentinels (Earth-94831).jpg

On Earth-94831, the Sentinels were deployed by President Kelly in order to rid the world of the 'mutant problem'. They successfully destroyed the X-Men, but were unable to complete his plan due to King Hyperion destroying them all so that he could take over the planet for himself.[35]


Sentinels (Earth-97201) from Spider-Man 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga Vol 1 1 0001.jpeg

[citation needed]

Earth-99062 (Mini Marvels)

Sentinels (Earth-99062) Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 31.jpg

[citation needed]


Sentinels from X-Men (1992 video game).jpg

[citation needed]


Sentinels from X-Men Destiny 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


Sentinels from X-Men Next Dimension 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


Earth-TRN172 from Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 16 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


Earth-TRN172 from Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 16 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


Sentinels (Earth-TRN335) from Marvel Super Heroes 3D Grandmaster’s Challenge 0001.jpg

[citation needed]


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