Inside a pocket universe named Sentry World, Bob Reynold could freely act as the Sentry without risking unleashing the Void in the real world. He lived a life full of adventures with his partners, including Sentress.[1]

Fueled by resent towards Bob, the real-life Billy Turner set out to supplant him as the Sentry. To this end, he broke into Bob's apartment and stole the Confluctor, the device Bob used to travel to Sentry World. It was given to Cranio.[2] After killing Scout and Watchdog,[1] Cranio was confronted by Sentress, since she noticed nobody was answering at the Watchtower. Cranio beat her up while ranting about the fact she wasn't real, and eventually killed her after she gave in.[2]

  • Sentress is modeled after a waitress named Jenny, who is Bob's co-worker at a diner.[1]

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