Seol Hee was an aspiring singer hoping to use her voice and dancing skills to earn enough money to take care of her elderly grandmother, who has raised Seol since the tragic deaths of her parents. When the science-obsessed organization known as A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries event where Seol was performing, Seol bravely attempted to defend the attendees, resulting in A.I.M. soldiers locking her in a hi-tech storage freezer. While trying to escape, Seol was exposed to the contents of an advanced cold-fusion energy experiment, which unexpectedly granted her control over frozen elements. Using her newfound powers to fight back, Seol surprised and defeated the A.I.M. forces’ attack. Dubbed “Luna Snow” by the press, Seol’s heroic actions made her an overnight sensation, and she now uses her talents and powers as a part-time pop star and full-time Super Hero![1]

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  • Luna Snow is the second original character from Marvel Future Fight, the first being Sharon Rogers.
    • Interestingly enough, both characters are of South Korean origin, where NetMarble Games is based.
  • Luna is 22 years old.
  • Luna's emblem is a snowflake with a black crescent moon superimposed on it.
  • Marvel has released two K-Pop singles for Luna Snow, "Tonight" and "I Really Wanna". South Korean singer Hyeongseo (of the girl group Busters) provides Luna's vocals.

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