A prophecy read that one day the perfect human female, who would be the Celestial Madonna, would have a union with the perfect male plant of the Cotati race, and from their union would spring the perfect child, who would be the Celestial Messiah; a being that destined to change the universe. A newborn star appeared in the sky above Avengers' Headquarters during the period when Mantis was an active member of the group, proclaimed that the Celestial Madonna's time was at hand. Kang the Conqueror had set up an automatic monitoring device to alert him to this appearance, in hopes of capturing the Madonna and using the child to advance his quest for power, but did not know which of three human females was The Madonna: Mantis, the Scarlet Witch, or Agatha Harkness. Once it was revealed that it was Mantis, she mated with the elder member of the Cotati contingent that had been left on Earth along with a group of the Kree-born Priests of Pama (to protect it from the Star Stalker). Though this Cotati was a tree, this mating was made possible because he took the form of the Avenger known as the Swordsman, who had recently been killed saving her life in battle with Kang. Their baby was named Sequoia, after the noblest of Earth trees.

Celestial Messiah

Mantis raised Sequoia in hiding in Willimantic, Connecticut for a time, then asked Sequoia's father to take him to the Cotati homeworld of Tamal. At the time of Sequoia's puberty, a newborn star once again appeared, signaling the Celestial Messiah. This caught the attention of a group of Thanos-based artificial beings called the Thanosi, who tried to kill him. Mantis and the Avengers traveled to Tamal to save him.[1]

At this time in his life, Sequoia was going through a period of adolescent rebellion. Usually referred to as Quoi for short, he had taken the name "Q". He was captured by the pirate Raptra, but she decided not to deliver him to the Thanosi. They escaped to a region of space called "the Rot", in which space itself was being consumed by beings created by Death and the Thanosi. After a great battle involving the Avengers and Mantis, the Rot was defeated, so Quoi and Raptra remained in that sector of space to help its recovery.[2]


Human/Cotati Hybrid Physiology: Quoi had enhanced abilities of a plant and a human. He could breath oxygen like a human, or photosynthesize, and thus did not require food or oxygen to survive. He could survive in the vacuum of space, possessed super human strength, and could manipulate the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

Energy Absorption: He also could absorb power from other beings, even powerful beings such as Thanos. He has limited ability, which will presumably grow as he matures, to control the power cosmic.

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