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Seraph was the owner of the Princess Bar in Madripoor circa the 1920's. On behalf of Romulus, she seduced a young(ish) James Howlett and taught him a certain brand of murder -- how to kill with subtlety and style. Seraph was Logan's handler off and on for a number of years spanning some of World War I to World War II.[1]

At some point after Logan became Wolverine, Seraph had an encounter with Sabretooth while working with Logan and Viper. She was allegedly killed by Creed, after transferring a debt to Logan that he would perform any act Viper asked of him, in her name.[2]

Despite appearances, Seraph survived well into the present day, and formed her own team of all female mercenaries and bodyguards.[3]


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Seraph was an accomplished and ruthless spy and assassin, able to dispatch opponents over twice her size. She had access to the resources of Romulus' worldwide organization.

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