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World War I aftermaths

After World War I, a nation was crafted, a new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (and including Carpasia), later known as Yugoslavia.[1]

Modern Age

Serbia and Montenegro

For a time, the country was part of Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegro, after tensions with the smaller, neighboring Carpasia who remained part of it for a time after the collapse of both communism and Yugoslavia, finally at ease since Carpasia achieved its independence through a referendum. Montenegro and Carpasia even signed a mutual defense pact, and Montenegro's navy/coast guard also patroled Carpasia's small coastline.[1]

In Serbia, Viktor Vikady and his partner Taz met the Serbians People's Army, who purchased the nuclear missile to obliterate Sarajevo.[2]


The Serbians speak at least the Serbian, also used in Carpasia[1] and in Morvania.[3]

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