Quote1 The power of a million thermonuclear reactions at my command! Now the world is mine! Everybody sing... everybody praise... me! Quote2
-- Doctor Octopus src

Serena Patel was the director of Alchemax's Shadow Division, a section of Alchemax that worked on addictive drugs, gene splicing, and human testing. Anticipating an attack from Spider-Man, she fashioned the identity of Doctor Octopus, taking influence from her idol Otto Octavius..

After obtaining a fragment of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, Doctor Octopus went mad and created a Condensed Matter Reactor to destroy a part of Nueva York in the name of the fragment. She sent Shadow creation and Hobgoblin and recruited Scorpion to find tablet pieces. They were captured by Spider-Man, who then went after Patel's fragment. She attempted to utilize the reactor, but was stopped by Spider-Man.[1]


Serena is among the greatest scientists in Nueva York (she is a genius compared even to other great scientists of 2099, as she managed to create a machine to harness the powers of a mystical fragment). She is also highly capable in the fields of technology, genetics, and very knowledgeable in the history of the Heroic Age.

Strength level

Dr. Octopus has the strength of an average woman who exercises regularly. And while wearing her Octo-suit, it is assumed she can press around 20 tons


While her intellect is one of her greatest assets, it is also one of her greatest weaknesses; as her arrogance makes her think that no one can match her in any battle, of any sort. Also, she apparently has a short temper; During her encounter with Miguel, every time they spoke to each other, she got angered to the point where she was attempting to kill him.


Has countless robot/mutant hybrids and machines of mass destruction at her disposal. Also, her Octo-suit gives her six additional arms which allow her to conduct multiple experiments at once or take down numerous foes


She walks very fast on her tentacles.


Her tentacles make her a formidable opponent.

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