Polkow was Edward Marks' Sergeant in Vietnam.[1]

He complained to First Sergeant Tarver for letting his squad rest only four hours after a three-day mission.[2]

Polkow couldn't allow Crews a pass, since any passes had to be authorized by Top.[3]

During Top's absence, Polkow assigned his clerk in the field.[4]

Polkow was wounded by a Việt Cộng grenade bought by Specialist Kakas.[5]

Polkow sent SP5 Frank Verzyl into an underground Việt Cộng base, where he encountered a swarm of hungry rats.[6]

Polkow sent his men on a mission to Tay Ninh Province where Mike Albergo was killed in action.[7]

In late October of 1966, Polkow assigned his men to patrol Saigon during National Day.[8]

In January of 1967, Polkow and his men joined Operation Cedar Falls.[9]

A month later, Polkow wished good luck to Ed Marks when he left Vietnam to return home.[10]

In March of 1967, Polkow introduced the new platoon leader Lt. Alarnick to the troops.[11]

Next month, Polkow saved Rob and Andy Clark's lives during a mortar attack.[12]

Polkow soon told Little that he was going to leave, and a new first sergeant would arrive in a couple of days.[13]

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