Quote1.png You can't win. Because the city doesn't love you. The city is a jungle! And the jungle loves a predator! Quote2.png


After being incarcerated by the original SP//dr, Kraven was later presumed dead. However, he survived and joined Nathan Essex in his Weapon Six, which fitted him with a red diamond implant. Several years later, Essex was ready to exact his revenge on Ben and send Kraven after SP//dr. Kraven set a trap by severely wounding Daredevil and attacked SP//dr when it showed up alongside another Spider-Man. Focused on his revenge, Kraven refused to attack the young Spider-Man and seeing that he still had a moral code, Peni Parker revealed herself as the new SP//dr pilot. Unwilling to hurt a child, Kraven was then subdued by the Spider-Man.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Serge Kravinoff of Earth-616.

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