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Real Name: Sergei Kravinoff
Nicknames: Kraven the Hunter
Former Aliases: No known former aliases
Other Current Aliases: No other known current aliases


Occupation: big game hunter, dead
Legal Status: Russian citizen
Identity: widely known as a greatest hunter in the world
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Former Member Of The Sinister Six...Ally of Gog, The Gibbon, Lightmaster, & The Chameleon
Base of Operations: Base of operations unknown


The son of a Russian aristocrat , Sergei found he had a great talent after finding employment in Africa...After meeting a witch doctor, Kraven took a herbal potion which enhanced his physical powers...He used his new found powers to further aid his big hunts...He soon befriended the Chameleon who suggested his biggest hunt of his life: Spider-Man!

Place of Birth: Russia
Place of Death: New York
Known Relatives: son Vladimir Kravinoff - Grim Hunter(deceased), half brother the Chameleon (deceased), Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven II)
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #15
Final Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #294, Part 5 of "Kraven's Last Hunt"


Born into an aristocracy that had come to an end, Kraven became one of the world's greatest hunters to fulfill his sense of lost nobility. But he became bored and wanted a different kind of trophy on his wall.The trophy was Spider-mans head. Kraven gained power by drinking rare and exotic jungle elixirs. These elixirs gave him the strength and speed of a savage beast all the better to catch Spider-man with.

Unlike other hunters, he typically disdained the use of guns or bow and arrows preferring to take down large dangerous animals with his bare hands even though he often made elaborate preparations to weaken a quarry before hand. He also used a mystical serum to give him similar strength to Spider-Man, but even without the serum he was a threat to the wall-crawler. However, Kraven's continual underestimation of the superhero's resourcefulness made him a frustrating quarry.

In the acclaimed story by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck, "Kraven's Last Hunt," his aggravation with his inability to run the superhero down further destroyed his sanity. With that, he hatched a scheme that actually defeated Spider-Man, and seemingly and uncharacteristically shot him dead. Considering his enemy effectively dead, Kraven buried him alive. After this, Kraven donned a copy of Spider-Man's costume and sought to prove that he was superior at his enemy's activities. This culminated with his successful singlehanded capture of a minor supervillain, Vermin, whom Spider-Man needed the help of Captain America to defeat. After that triumph, Spider-Man revived from the tranquilizer dart he was actually shot with and dug his way out of the grave. Kraven greeted him and explained that he had made his point about defeating his enemy. Then he released Vermin and told Spider-Man to pursue him. Convinced he had finally regained his honor, the deranged Kraven took his own life..

Kraven's alliegances and relatives in life were, for the most part, revealed only after his death. The Chameleon was the person who initially gave Kraven the idea of hunting Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #15. After Kraven died, the Chameleon was revealed to be Dmitri Smerdyakov, Kraven's half-brother, personal servant, and the victim of Kraven's abuse, and yet, according to Smerdyakov, the two were best friends nonetheless. Kraven's lover, the voodoo priestess Calypso, manipulated the Lizard against the wall-crawler in the first issues of Todd McFarlane's best-selling Spider-Man series.

Kraven has since had two sons take up his role. The first had a brief career as the "Grim Hunter," and was killed by Kaine, an insane clone of Spider-Man. The second, Alyosha Kravinoff (or "Al Kraven") briefly operated as the second "Kraven the Hunter" before retiring from the supervillain scene, moving to Hollywood, and becoming a hero himself. He had a third son, Ned Tannengarden, who tried unsuccessfully to kill his half-brother Al and was himself killed by the Chameleon, who at this point was so insane he believed himself to be the original Kraven.


Height: 6'03"
Weight: 240 lbs (106 kg)
Eyes: Eye colour unknown
Hair: Black
Unusual Features: No unusual features


Known Powers: Enhanced speed, stamina, strength, senses and reflexes
Known Abilities: Skilled at taming wild beasts, using exotic animal fighting techniques...Uses nerve punch that can paralyze...
Strength Level: Greatly enhanced human strength roughly 2-4 times as strong as human his size


Equipment: traps
Transportation: No known transportation.
Weapons: uses various weaponry such as darts, spears, axes, nets, whips, poisons, and gases



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