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Kraven was a mercenary hired by the Green Goblin to take out Spider-Man. Kraven burned the zoo down to attract Spider-Man. When Spidey came he trapped him and poisoned him and challenged Spidey to find him and take the antidote from him. Spidey escaped the booby trapped zoo and Kraven, who tried to kill him with a sniper rifle. Kraven finally trapped Spidey in a main area of the zoo and fought him, but was defeated. He refused to rat out Osborn, though agreed to wait for the police to come arrest him as a sign of honor; however, he warned Spidey that he would be soon back.[1]

Spider-Man battling Kraven

Kraven later returned to Manhattan along with Calypso to hunt down the Lizard. He killed Lizards' cronies easily and battled the Lizard and defeated him as well. Kraven was about to kill Connors when Spidey intervened and in the ensuing commotion Lizard pushed Kraven and escaped with Calypso chasing him. Kraven decided that Spidey was a better trophy than the Lizard and battled him instead of giving chase as well. Although he used potions to get the power of various animals like the bear, eagle, or panther, Kraven was defeated by Spidey, though he managed to trap Parker in a room full of lizards. Spider-Man escaped and fought Kraven again, but the hunter turned invisible, forcing Peter to track him down with just his spider sense. As their fight resumed, Kraven attempted to stab Spidey, but when he heard Lizard and Calypso, he disappeared yet again, taunting Spider-Man that Calypso had found his true prey, and that he was in for a surprise. Kraven later escaped along with Calypso.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Kraven the Hunter of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Kraven the Hunter of Earth-616.



Kraven uses a variety of weapons including potions, guns, and even a machete.


Kraven only appears in the X-Box version of Spider-Man (2002 video game).

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