A descendant of Russian nobility, Sergei Kravinoff spent most of his adult life travelling the world, feeding his passions for travel, adventure, and the thrill of the hunt. Over the course of these travels, Sergei learned the ways of the native peoples of the regions he visited, including herbal potions that could greatly boost the physical skills of their users. An expedition in his homeland of Russia found Sergei recorded on video when he single-handedly subdued a Siberian tiger without harming the cat. The internet video went viral and lead to the adventurer getting his own reality survival series. Sergei was eventually brought to New York to track down the escaped cross-species experiments, the hunter did his job well, and even convinced OsCorp to allow him to stuff and mount the bodies of three of the monsters. Finding the concrete jungle to his liking, Sergei bought a townhouse in upper Manhattan and immediately decorated it in his own distinct style. Discovering the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man, Sergei's hunter instincts told him he had at last discovered the protégé he had longed to pass on all that he had learned to and he set out to contact the young man.[1]

Strength level

Has the strength of an elephant.


Kraven uses a variety of weapons including alchemy potions, guns, and even a machete.

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