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Quote1.png Hear the below of the elephant; the roar of the lion--The triumph of Kraven. Quote2.png
Sergei Kravinoff[src]


After defeating his rival, Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter stole his costume and became the vigilante known as The Spider.

Symbiote Hunter

The Spider took notice of Mayhem and began to target her. Learning that she was in danger, Spider-Man began investigating Central Park, where he discovered she was in trouble and came upon Kravinoff's lair only to be captured. With Mayhem on the run and Spider-Man missing, the Spider-Men started their own investigation. Finding his lair and Spider-Man, he tried trapping them within and escaping only to be confronted by Agony and an army of Symbiotes.

Hunting on Klyntar

During his hunt of Lizard-Spider, his target joined the Spider-Force and left Earth for Klyntar. Kraven followed him and, with the help of a Symbiote, captured him. Begging for his life, Lizard-Spider promised to lead him to the most dangerous game, Cosmic Spider-Man. Kraven brainwashed Spider-JJJ and together, they found Captain Universe and weakened him enough for Kraven to kill him.


Sergei and Poison Kraven the Hunter competed against one another to see who was the best hunter. They eventually caught the attention of The Pacifists, who tracked them down and locked them in the Symbiote Prison.[1]



Seemingly typical powers and abilities of a Symbiotes and those of the Sergei Kravinoff of Earth-616 and tose


Seemingly those of the Sergei Kravinoff of Earth-616.

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