Kraven comes from a family of hunters and he hosts a television show called "Kraven's Amazing Hunt" in which he is shown capturing the world's strongest beasts. Most of his equipment come from places that he mentions on his show. After being hired by Norman Osborn to capture Spider-Man, Kraven went to New York to catch him where he started out by having Scorpion lure them to the site of his TV show. When he was embarassed by both Spider-Men, Kraven ignored his orders and tried to kill them. Seeing Kraven wasn't obeying his orders, Norman sent Vulture to neutralize him and capture Spider-Man.

Spider-Man and Kraven were brought to a secret hideout and restrained, but they were both saved by Miles, who used his new camouflage powers to release them and destroy the place. Kraven the Hunter got away after that as both Spider-Men will be ready if he returns.[1]


Seemingly those of the Sergei Kravinoff of Earth-616.


Various Traps


Used various weaponry such as darts, spears, boumerangs, nets, cages and poisons.

  • This version of Kraven the Hunter hosts a TV show similar to his Earth-1610 counterpart.
  • This interpretation of Kraven bears a strong resemblance to Alyosha Kravinoff, who also sports dreads and has orange face-paint over his eyes.

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