Baxter Building Door Man

Sergius O'Hoolihan was once the doorman at the world famous Baxter Building, home to the heroic Fantastic Four. He was first seen on the job during a period when the Human Torch was in a relationship with Crystal of the Inhumans. [1] O'Hoolihan worked at the Baxter Building without incident, although at one point he was briefly replaced by the Maggia crime boss known as the Top Man, during a failed scheme to take over ownership of the Baxter Building. [2] Sometime later Sergius was on the job when the Fantastic Four announced that they were disbanding after Mister Fantastic lost his powers. O'Hoolihan spoke with reporters until the group arrived to make a public statement. [3] Eventually, Reed regained his powers [4] and the group got back together. [5]

Some months later O'Hoolihan gave directions to the Fantastic Four's reception area to Petunia Grimm, aunt to the Fantastic Four's Thing. [6] In his last recorded appearance, O'Hoolihan greeted the Thing and his girlfriend Alicia Masters when they returned to the Baxter Building after a walk in Central Park. [7] It has since been stated that O'Hoolihan had retired as a doorman for the Baxter Building. [8]


During his time on the Beyonder's Battleworld, the Thing unknowingly constructed a fantasy world based on his subconscious mind. During his time there his mind created a construct based on O'Hoolihan, whom he later battled. [9]

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