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The Citadel was an abandoned mental hospital located near Pawling, New York. It was equipped for torture. Princess Python was given extensive electro shock torture when she attempted to defect from the group. The Citadel also contains medical labs, living areas, and a large conference room.[citation needed]

The Citadel was abandoned after being invaded by the Viper and her covert allies. Subsequently, Steve Rogers as The Captain was given the location of Serpent Citadel in order for him to free the Serpent Society from the Viper's control. He and his allies soon descended upon the Citadel. The Serpent Society Headquarters were next located at the Stuyesant Arms Hotel in the Bronx. This headquarters was also discovered and raided by Captain America resulting in most of the members of the Serpent Society to be incarcerated.[citation needed]

Under the leadership of the Cobra, the Society moved its headquarters to 1260 Camden Drive in Sandhaven, AZ. The headquarters was located on lavish acreage complete with a large pool. It was the Cobra's "American Dream" to live this lifestyle while continuing to lead his criminal organization. One could speculate that this arid, desert climate would be ideal for Serpent Society members with reptillian physiology. However, the Cobra's utopia was spoiled as, once again, when Captain America and his allies raided his headquarters.[citation needed]

Since that time, the Serpent Society has continued to regroup and move to other locales.[citation needed]


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