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17th century

During the 17th century, a religious sect in England was led by Caleb Starke.

In 1670, they left for the land who would become Starkesboro, New England to escape persecutions like the Puritans did.[4] Centuries ago, the community became fisherfolk, who found a serpent-twined, inverted cross. From that moment, the people changed, becoming reptilian, serving and worshiping Sligguth. Sligguth selected one priestess among the folk, who would be the only one to remain human.[3]

Modern Age

Most of the Modern Age inhabitants of the city are descended from that community.[4]



Representatives: Caleb Starke (leader, possibly before the community became servants of Sligguth), Lemuel Joad, Bethel Doan, Ethan Stoddard, Deborah Frames


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