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Serpent Skulls

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Port Authority Bus Terminal, Hell's Kitchen, New York City

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The Serpent Skulls is a gang formed in Hell's Kitchen which took over the outposts of the now-defunct Roxxon Corporation, dealing with super-power drugs that had a high fatality rate.

They clashed with the Young Ultimates after they confronted the criminal Stone in their territory.[1] They fought the Ultimates and a couple of NYPD detectives before fleeing upon the arrival of a SWAT quad.

Back in their HQ, the Serpents planned their next moves. As they attributed the deaths of their members caused by the Scourge to rival gangs,[2] the Serpents began attacking other gangs all over New York City.[3]

While King Cobra was selling drugs to Mister Jips, the transaction was interrupted by Spider-Man, who had followed Serpent Skulls member Poey and his girlfriend Lana, who was secretly the Ultimate Bombshell. During the fight, the Skulls' supply was destroyed.[4]

Diamondback later broke into Poey's house and killed him, as it had been his fault the supply had been destroyed. When Lana arrived to Poey's house, Diamondback sprayed her a drug to be able to control her will, and planned to force Lana to take them to the hideout of the Young Ultimates.[3]

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